Saturday, February 2, 2008

Wacky week

The past week, I covered three high school basketball games:
Tuesday – Monessen at Washington boys;
Thursday – Canon-McMillan at Peters Township girls;
Friday – Canon-McMillan at Peters Township boys.

Going into each game, I believed the winners would be Monessen, Peters Township girls and Canon-McMillan boys. The winners were Washington, Canon-McMillan girls and Peters Township boys.

Go figure.

As someone posted earlier today, maybe I'm creating a new sports jinx. After praising Monessen on this site, the Greyhounds lost. After praising the C-M boys, the Big Macs lost.

No matter, I must say I thoroughly enjoyed all three games. They were well-played, tense and the boys games had fantastic crowds. It's amazing what happens to a high school team when a packed house is in attendance. The atmosphere at the C-M vs. PT boys game was the best I've seen at a local high school hoops game in years.

Here's hoping it keeps up.


Anonymous said...

The atmosphere and the level of play by both teams was the best HS game in this area in a very long time every witness. The student sections were out of this world and the Canon Crazies are in a class without peer.

mike_kovak said...

For me, one of the best parts of the game was the intense congo drummer in the PT student section.

That guy could jam.

Now, as for best student section, C-M certainly is at the top of the area. As for the entire WPIAL, it's hard to beat the hoops fans at Char Valley. Last year's WPIAL championship boys game against West Allegheny was a zoo. New Castle always had a great following. Same thing at Uniontown.

But if C-M keeps winning in various sports, the Canon Crazies will garner more consideration. It's an impressive group.