Wednesday, February 6, 2008


It's National Letter of Intent Day (I know because my e-mail inbox is blowing up thanks to the WVU sports department) and the big news across the WPIAL, and throughout the country, is that there is no news in the world of Jeannette senior Terrelle Pryor.

Pryor, who was reported to chose Ohio State over Michigan today, has not made a decision. Ohio State, Michigan and Penn State are his final three.

Locally, several schools were active this moring.

At Trinity, three linebackers signed. First-team all-staters Andrew Sweat (Ohio State) and Mike Yancich (Penn State) are locked in, as is Brandon Weaver (Ohio University).

Two other high profile athletes not playing football are Chartiers-Houston golfer John Popeck (Maryland) and Peters Township soccer player Shane Pruitt (Lafayette). Pruitt was named the state player of the year.

The fax machine at South Fayette was also busy this morning. Kicker Drew Hareza signed with Old Dominion. Zach Patterson signed with Lafayette and Jon Taglianetti officially agreed to walk-on at Pitt.

Andrew Taglianetti, Jon's twin brother and an all-state player for Pittsburgh Central Catholic, is also headed for Pitt. Andrew was originally offered a grayshirt, which means he would not enroll until January and have his scholarship kick in at that point. With the news that Pitt lost quarterback recruit Zach Stoudt (Cliff Stoudt's son) to Louisville, there's a possibility he'll be part of Pitt's class today.

I'll be headed to Pitt's NLI presser later today at Heinz Field and will check into the Taglianetti situation.


MondayMorningQB said...

Just wondering where the athletes from the much anticipated graduating class of the Ringgold Rams chose on NLI Day? USC? Ohio St? Florida? Michigan? Where are they heading? I watched the ESPN recruiting special and much to my surprise, they had nothing to say about Cal U or Jeff Petrucci? Who would've thought?

Anonymous said...

Jeravan Matthews from Canon-Mac signed with Northwestern today. I didn't see his name in your article.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to all who signed today and those or decide a little later. It's great that they are talented enough to go on to play in a college sport. Could we give the Rams a break, after all they are kids, no matter how much you dislike coaching. Don't forget that academics are still the most important part of progressing in life.

mike_kovak said...

Jeravin will be among those mentioned in Thursday's edition. Sorry for the blog omission.

football fan said...

I'm so sick of this Pryor crap. Decide already. No one cares that you think you're the best player since OJ Simpson and want to wait til ALL the spotlights are on you for your big, grande decision. I am losing more and more respect for this kid the more I read. Check out the front page article in the Post Gazette today. If this kid's head gets any bigger, he might not fit through the locker room doors of any college or university. Even the principal at Jeannette seems fed up with the circus Pryor is cultivating. He says he hasn't had time to "think." Gimme a break. Look also in the PG sports page at where the Top 50 HS recruits are heading... only one hasn't picked out of them- yep, Mr. Pryor. For his sake, he better not be a bust or fizzle to mediocrity when he finally makes his decision and goes off to play college ball.
I'm just sick of the drama and unnecessary prolonging for the sake of attention. Which is all this seems it is.

Mapod said...

I agree with the person having enough of Pryor. He now has 4 schools holding scholarships for him. Three schools will be left out in the end, and 3 players might have chosen those schools if those offer was available that day. One day he says Oregon was too far and removes them off his list. Now they are back on and he wants to take a visit there. Sound like he just like the limelight or wants a free trip. It is not hard to sit down on day and decide what it is you want, and where you like to go.
Something that has me a little puzzled are the Tagianetti twin, one plays for South Fayette and the other at Pittsburgh Central Catholic. Why PCC for the better education? Than why not both of them? Would you not want the best for both your kids (education wise), or was this decision made basis on sports.
Cognates to all the local kids getting a free education to play sports.