Monday, February 18, 2008

Predicting the winners

After a 5-2 weekend (silly me for not going with my initial instinct and picking the Peters Township girls), the record is 23-7 heading into the semifinals.

Class AAAA
Mt. Lebanon over Peters Township
Class AA
Washington over South Park
Class A
Monessen over Vincentian Academy

Class A
Wilkinsburg over Bentworth


Anonymous said...

Looks like your instinct fails you again - PT girls over Mt Lebo 41-37!

Anonymous said...

Keep picking PT to lose, I guess you don't sell a lot of papers outside of Trinity and CM areas because that is all you ever write about. Peters Twp. has beaten New Castle, Oakland Catholic, Fox Chapel, Butler and now Mt. Lebo. All of those teams have been ranked in PA this year yet Peters still gets no respect from you.

Did you win a contest to get your job?

Anonymous said...

Hey, easy on Mike. Most people at PT knew we had a shot vs Lebo, but odds were not good as Lebo was much higher seed and beat them twice in reg season. OR does good job covering PT girls (much better than PG or Norwin Tribune review) and Mike had many complimentary things to say about Lady Indians over the course of the year.

Thanks for your coverage this season, Mike and we won't be upset if you pick USC in the title game (they beat PT twice as well). Go Lady Indians!

Greg said...

I can't believe that someone has the nerve to say that the O-R doesn't cover Peters Township. What paper are you really looking at?

Anonymous said...

Good job picking Wilkinsburg, Mike. Looks like people pick you apart when you miss a game but don't give you credit when you get one right.

mike_kovak said...

Over the last three years, I can say with conviction that I have covered more Peters Township events than any other local high school.

That's what happens when a school consistently wins.

So, PT fans, I'm guessing you want me to pick USC considering what's happened the past two games.

Mapod said...

I can not beleive you think that the OR does conver PT. I beleive the get equal converage as Trinity, CM and Wash High. Look at the recent articles the past serveral months. You must not be a true OR reader, Mike has covered them alot compare to some school you have mention. Footbal Soccer and basketball.

Anonymous said...

Mike, that reader obviously doesn't read the OR Sports much. They should open their eyes and look, it's there. Oh well, can't please everyone. Remember there is no home team, it's a coverage area. Lose gracefully, congrats to USC.