Friday, February 15, 2008

The ultimate throwback

Time for a new segment at the Varsity Letters. We're calling this the Ultimate Throwback. It's been inspired by a throwback worn by Washington resident G.L. Riley at Thursday night's Prexies' playoff doubleheader.

Riley sported a Pitt Brian Davis jersey. Davis, a former Wash High superstar, was the nation's top recruit when he chose the Panthers. Davis lettered at Pitt in 1985.

The photo was taken by O-R photo editor Stan Diamond.

Riley and family spared a few moments and let me click a few pics with my cell phone as well. Being a bit challenged electronically, I'm having trouble getting them posted but as soon as I figure things out, I'll get them up.

The Varsity Letters is asking readers to send pics of their best throwbacks. The best ones will be posted.

Send your throwback pics to


Greg said...

I'll have to send in the picture of me wearing my Somerset High School soccer jersey with the name Novak on it.

Anonymous said...

Where can we get a jersey like this? Davis, as well as most of his family, now live in the suburban DC area. We would like to purchase a few of these.