Thursday, January 26, 2012

Twitter Thursday

Twitter Thursday started as a lark. Reading tweets from local athletes was amusing enough that the thought was, "Why not share these with readers of The Varsity Letters?"

At first, the feature met with some criticism, which probably came from people not familiar with Twitter or people who just want to visit this board and attempt to bash athletes, coaches and the writer anonymously.

With time, Twitter Thursday has become a popular feature, at least with many of the local athletes I follow or you follow me on Twitter (@TheMikeKovak). Some specifically ask to make Twitter Thursday. Others pine for Twitter Thursday love. And at least two Canon-Mac student-athletes are competing to see who makes Twitter Thursday the most. (For the sake of competition, both will make it this week to start the tally at 1-1).

Either way, I appreciate the response and enjoy giving student athletes a platform on this blog.

Doug Wilson, C-M basketball
Jan. 26
"Shows how desperate the NHL is that they have to draft for the all star game"

Joe Graziani, C-M football
Jan. 26
"Nothin better than jams in environmental science on "

Jordan Drew, Washington basketball
Jan. 25
"Wash High has to be one of the ugliest schools in the area"

Pat Zedreck, reigning O-R Boys Basketball Player of the Year/freshman guard at Clarion U
Jan. 25
"Damn losing sucks"

Josh Wise, Wash High athletics
Jan. 25
"The more I watch these D1 games the more I believe I can play in them and I know my and will take me!"

Chavas Rawlins, Monessen athletics
Jan. 25
"Got offered from Pitt today baby!!!! If only big Joe was here to spend the happy time right now. "

Justice Rawlins, Monessen athletics
Jan. 25
"The awkward moment when pitt coaches come to see you and your wearing all penn state gear.. "

Ty Negley, Waynesburg basketball
Jan. 25
"Observer-Reporter athlete of the week! Could(n't) do it with out my teammates! "

Zach Challingsworth, South Fayette athletics
Jan. 19
"Can't wait for spring "

Amelia Wolf, Wash High volleyball (and rifle)
Jan. 25
"ear hair, why are you so static-y?!"

Michael Yancich, Penn State football and Trinity grad
Jan. 22
"So proud to say I played for Joe Paterno. Not only a great football coach, but a wonderful person. RIP Coach. "

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