Tuesday, January 17, 2012

One, two, three, four I declare a Twitter war

Quite an interesting Twitter battle going on today between students at Chartiers-Houston and Fort Cherry high schools, whose rival girls basketball teams play tonight in a key Section 3 contest between a pair of top-five Class A teams.

Some of the tweets are humorous. Some factual. Some mind-blowing incorrect. Some mean-spirited.

Time for TVL to offer some thoughts.

You know you're from Chartiers-Houston when:

1. Your softball team has won seven WPIAL championships, one state title and ranks with any program in terms of sustained success over a 25-year period.
2. You fielded the first 4,000-yard rusher in WPIAL history.
3. Your wrestling team was so good in the early 1980s that it won the PIAA Class AAA team championship against teams up to six times larger.
4. Your athletic facilities are as nice as any school competing primarily at the Class A level.
5. Your baseball team regularly competes for WPIAL championships.

You know you're from Fort Cherry when:

1. Your small community is considered a cradle of NFL coaches, including Marvin Lewis and Marty Schottenheimer.
2. A hard-worker named Perry Kemp took the hard road to the NFL ... from Fort Cherry to Cal U to the USFL to Green Bay, where he became immortalized in Techmo Bowl.
3. That Schottenheimer fella led a group to a PIAA basketball championship.
4. You know where you were when Mike Vernillo broke the WPIAL rushing record in 1999.
5. A school known as a wrestling community has fielded one of the better small public school girls basketball teams in recent memory and two of the most exciting players (Dan Davis, Nate Bellhy) of the last 15 years.


Anonymous said...

Are you going to post any of the tweets?

mike_kovak said...

A couple may possibly be worthy of Twitter Thursday, but the majority I read were not appropriate for this blog or Twitter for that matter.