Thursday, January 12, 2012

Twitter Thursday

Earlier in the week, I asked my Twitters followers (@TheMikeKovak) for some music tips. As a dad and full-time worked, I've totally lost touch with recent music and was looking for some new hip-hop to sample. I got plenty of responses, and checked out Childish Gambino, Kid Cudi and Drake. Much appreciated.

Also had some fun on Twitter with this "Kovak Curse", plus enjoyed some NBA conversation this week.

In compiling this week's Twitter Thursday, I thought it would be different to only take tweets from Thursday as opposed to the entire week.

Troy Elich, @Troy3775
Dec. 12
"Langeloth legend Barry Alvarez at our show tonight in Naples FL."

Ben Maxin, @ActionMaxin
Dec. 12
"Lady Rangers hoops dump Mapletown 81-11. I guess this is what it feels like to be on the other side of a Clairton football game. #ouch"

Luke Brumbaugh, @L_Brums7
Dec. 12
"Robert fosters highlight film is disgusting wish I could throw to that kid he's a freak"

Mark Dugan, @duganonthenews
Dec. 12
"Beka Bellhy 7th girl in the last 25 years making 1000 point club "

Corey Garry, @coreygarry
Dec. 12
" entering a new realm of swag today. Let's go Rangers! "

Josh Wise, @jlwise_whs11
Dec. 12
"Big section game tomorrow coming off big section win over trinity gota do my thing and ball hard ain't lettin NO ONE STOP ME"

Michael Beveridge, @MikeBeveridge44
Dec. 12
"Senior year needs to be over "

Dakota Norton, @kooooooooaaaaa
Dec. 12
"Kobe is better than lebron "


Anonymous said...

so brumbaugh, alot feel the same about you and your friend Chillingsworth. Alot of the athletes in Washington County are left out of recognition cause of South Fayette. Too busy chasing your overrated school district.

Joey Niklas said...

Anon, may I ask which Wash County are being left out.