Friday, January 27, 2012

Statement from Piccinini's lawyer

In case you haven't read the Observer-Reporter, Post-Gazette, watched the local news or CNN Friday afternoon, the Peters Townsip football program is being investigated by police for allegations of knowingly playing injured players against the advice of athletic trainers. Click here.

PT football coach Rich Piccinini released a statement through his lawyer Friday night.

For 22 years,  Rich Piccinini has coached football without even a
whisper of impropriety. The excellent reputation that he has earned
over 2 decades should speak volumes as to the absurdity of the
"Mortland report."  The investigated and unfounded witch hunt in
August has reared its ugly head in January, this time in a meritless
CYS complaint, presumably made by an  anonymous source. Playing time
in high school football in Western Pennsylvania , a currency that has
become more valuable than gold to the obsessed and disgruntled, has
undoubted motivated yet another round of baseless allegations.
Considerable resources have already been dedicated by a "real"
superintendent, athletic director and principal to investigate the
accusations and the result was that there is no truth to Mr Mortland's
conclusion. While no one welcomes a police investigation, hopefully
this second  inquiry will yet  again expose the allegations as
scurrilous attacks on Mr. Piccinini and, importantly,put them to  rest
again and forever.
Robert G. Del Greco, Jr., Esq.
Dickie, McCamey & Chilcote, P.C.


Anonymous said...

It appears now there is something from North Catholic with this Coach and injuries.

Anonymous said...

There is no way the trainer just made this stuff up. I dont want to hear about how good of a guy this guy is. He should be suspended pending an investigation.

Anonymous said...

The man should be fired for incompetency as well as the concussion issue, his entire coaching staff is quitting after a grand total of one season with him.

Mark Mortland said...

I would welcome an inquiry to my letter to theDr. Zetty at every and all levl of the the law. What I reported in my letter to Dr. Zetty,which she never sent to the board was pure fact. Facts have been manipulated and the truth covered up at the expense of our children.

I am not going to stop until the truth comes forward. I try to do what is right for kids and their wellbeing and to have things brushed under the rug is beyond frightening.

Stay tuned becausemI will not stop and have the resources to tell the truth. This goes beyond the football situation. We have what I feel is corruption. I promise I will show the truth.