Thursday, January 19, 2012

Twitter Thursday

Lot of venow spewed on Twitter the past couple weeks between rival schools (#Youknowyourefrom(insertrivalschoolhere)) which, for some reason, Trinity believes it originated on social media.

Right ...

Anyway, it's made for some entertaining reading if not too much information from too many.

Graham Lescallette
Jan. 19
"I can't stand how kids my age talk. "

Chavas Rawlins
Jan. 19
"I always thought of myself as the Kid that took extra steps when those extra steps aren't needed!!"

Graham Cowieson
Jan. 18
"It would be nice if the city of Washington would tell you before they block a road not just let you turn down the road then be screwed"

Charles Murphy
Jan. 18
"I hate losing man it makes me sick to my stomach...but atleast I'm not on the pitt womens coaching staff. 76 pts? ?"

Steven Funaki Adams
Jan. 14
Thats awesome that Pitt Played well.. Well done PITT! Keep Hulking! "

Tevan McDowell
Jan. 14
"I'm a yellow-jacket #WaynesburgUniversity#college#football"

Alfon Cook
Jan. 18
"Long day at track "

Michael Beveridge
Jan. 14
"Way to much heart to quit. When times get hard just gotta keep grinding."

Tanner Garry
Jan. 15
"Visiting Bowling Green on the 20th. "

Jordan Thomas
Jan. 13
"Jordan "StateChamp" Thomas "

Stephen McCaw
Jan. 17
"If you say on twitter and facebook more than once a week then burn your computer and any other thing that gets you on the internet."

Doug Wilson
Jan. 19
"Just watched the game tape of when I dropped 30 against CV "
The Tweek of the Week
"Jursday? No no,it's "

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