Monday, January 9, 2012

Observer-Reporter WPIAL boys basketball rankings

Class AAAA
1. Chartiers Valley 10-0
2. Gateway 7-3
3. Shaler 8-2
4. North Allegheny 7-2
5. Hempfield 8-1

Class AAA
1. New Castle 10-0
2. Montour 5-0
3. Greensburg-Salem 8-2
4. Uniontown 8-2
5. South Fayette 8-2

Class AA
1. Monessen 11-0
2. Beaver Falls 8-1
3. Sto-Rox 7-1
4. Quaker Valley 9-1
5. Greensburg Centra Catholic 4-4

Class A
1. Lincoln Park 7-2
2. Cornell 9-1
3. OLSH 10-0
4. North Catholic 7-2
5. Bentworth 8-1


Anonymous said...

Ed Goetz, did not put McGuffey at the top in the 90's the talent did.
The only talent he has is using his position, to get what he wants.

Anonymous said...

I dislike Ed Goetz more than most, but wow, can't believe what was said was said.

Anonymous said...

Ed Goetz took sto-rox to a state championship.took over a mc guffey program that was a joke at best and turned them into a winning program, and then went to burgettstown another joke program and turned them into a winning program. The man had a family to support, if mc guffey would not give him a full time teaching job and burgettstown did he would have been a fool to not leave mcguffey for burgettstown. If YOU HAD A PART TIME JOB MAKING LITTLE MONEY AND a full time job came along what would have done. ed put mcguffey at the top due to the fact he developed the talant give the man the credit he is owed.

Anonymous said...

the 2 coaches who need to be looked at and i have no idea why they are still coaching are rick bell and mark gaither. there is no questioning Bell is a very good man, few men are better as a person but he OVER coaches his teams to the point that they play like robuts. IN 12 SEASONS at c-m he has 1 winning season 07-08. his 12 year section record is 54 wins-90 losses and has had has 2 playoff teams in 12 seasons . his overall record is 108 wins and 162 losses at c-m with 1 winning season in 12 years.every year they rebuilding
The other coach is gaither at wash hi. he is in way over his head the mc guffey loss may rank up there as one of the worst in wash hi history. they did not make the playoffs last year with a 4-8 section record 10-12 overall and will not make the playoffs this year the way they are playing at this point. he is to soft as a coach and person to lead the type of hard nose kids that wash hi has. this team needs old style no nonsence disipline to win. they got the right football coach when it comes to this, but this basketball team will never be more than ave at best until they get a disiplinarian basketball coach.