Thursday, January 5, 2012

Twitter Thursday

After several months on Twitter (you can follow me @TheMikeKovak), I'm still amazed at some of the tweets from high school students.

Seriously, anyone (coaches, teaches, etc.) can read these things.

Think before you tweet.

Dan Conley, Burgettstown legend/PIAA wrestling champ/former Observer-Reporter Athlete of the Year
Jan. 5
"Starting to think about the real world a lot lately ... I don't know if I'll ever be ready to grow up..."

Fake Todd Graham
Jan. 3
"I am in Pittsburgh today to talk to my boys and set things right. Where is everyone?"

Billy Edwards, Washington football
Dec. 30
"My goal is not to make it to the pro's but to be known as the greatest to ever play the game #Period"

Ben DuCarme, Canon-Mac golf
Jan. 1
"The steelers, pens, and panthers have lost it in the last month...looks like im gonna start watching the WNBA"

Nick Riotto, Trinity baseball
Jan. 4
"Shoutout to the janitors once again for a great job in the parking lot for the second straight day....You guys really do too much."

Michael Yancich, Penn State linebacker/disgruntled airline customer
Jan. 3
"When you fly US Air, the flight that you originally booked is the flight you will have no chance of actually being on."

Later that day ...

"Broken luggage?? US Air haha you are really a pathetic excuse for an airline.."

Tanner Garry, Fort Cherry wrestling (during the winter sports season)
Jan. 5
"I was talking to a teacher in the hall when a 7th grade girl poked me in the back with a pen, giggled, then ran away. #highschoolromance."

Corey Garry, same as Tanner Garry
Dec. 29
"Haven't made twitter Thursdays in forever. Gotta step my twitter game up."

Tweet of the Week
Andrew Sweat, Ohio State linebacker
Jan. 1
"What lies behind us and what lies before us means nothing compared to what lies within us"

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