Sunday, January 22, 2012

Observer-Reporter WPIAL boys basketball rankings

Class AAAA
1. Chartiers Valley 14-1
2. Shaler 14-2
3. Woodland Hills 12-3
4. Hempfield 11-2
5. Mt. Lebanon 11-4

Class AAA
1. New Castle 14-0
2. Montour 9-1
3. Hampton 13-3
4. Keystone Oaks 12-2
5. Beaver 12-3

Class AA
1. Beaver Falls 13-1
2. Monessen 15-1
3. Sto-Rox 12-1
4. Greensburg Central Catholic 10-4
5. Quaker Valley 13-2

Class A
1. Lincoln Park 12-2
2. North Catholic 11-4
3. Vincentian Academy 10-3
4. Bentworth 11-1
5. OLSH 12-2


R. Keith Taylor said...

Kinda of odd to see Woodland Hills ranked. Its hard to get some of them athletes out there to hoop.

prexie said...

wash high is the same way r.keith, there are alot of athletes that just dont hoop. has anyone noticed ,eric ellis is no longer on the team .

mike_kovak said...

From what I was told, he quit the team a couple weeks ago.

Anonymous said...

EE got in trouble in school, didn't want to face the hoops consequences, left the team. Don't see much of an issue there.

mike_kovak said...

No need to pontificate on Prexies situation. People around team know what happened. Not an issue.

prexie said...

not an issue but they lost a good rebounder.

mike_kovak said...

Sorry Prexie ... didn't mean that at you. Had a couple posts waiting for moderation that went into too much detail.

Yes, Ellis was a good rebounder and the team's second-best player when he left the team.

Anonymous said...

I am just wondering why some comments never make it to the blog. as long as their not vulgar, i dont see why not.No need to have a two way blog if everything is blocked. Whats wrong with saying a certain team may be in need of a new coach. Every sane body in washington knows their needs to be a coaching change @wash high. why not open it up for discussion. why a coach would get his players suspended and so on. Just a thought.

mike_kovak said...

"as long as their not vulgar, i dont see why not."

OK then.

So I should just let people make accusations and I get sued because my name is on the blog?

Some comments are overly critical. That is why they do not see this blog. Let's remember this is high school sports. We are dealing with teenagers and coaches who make very little money for the time they put into the position.

Again, this is high school sports. If you wish to name players who are suspended, etc., feel free to do it elsewhere. I see no need to call them out by name when more positive things are happening.