Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Celebration costs team championship

Imagine, back in 2001, that Washington High School running back J.R. Ward raised his arm in triumph as he ran behind Dan Mozes to score what proved to be the game-winning touchdown in the PIAA Class AA championship game.

Not that Ward did, celebration displays were never a trademark of Prexies teams of that era.

But say Ward got flagged for the display and Pen Argyl won the state title.

Something like it happened recently in Massachusetts.

It's an interesting story.


Joey Niklas said...

That's absolutely terrible. The Political Correct are killing this nation. He's scoring the would be TD to win the State Championship. Let him celebrate the hard work him and the team been putting in since August and the off season workouts. If he spikes the ball then its another story. What a disgrace.

mike_kovak said...


Sarcastic Sword said...

His celebration during the run ( a quick raise of the arm) in no way was demeening to the opponent. I hope that official can live with the fact that he made a penalty call that has lifetime ramifications. The player will always know that what should have been a memory to treasure forever (hes the hero) will now show he cost his team the title. Shame on that official that he couldnt get past a rule that obviously needs to be enforced with some level of a "case by case" basis.

prexie said...

don't worry maybe he will get a consulation trophy for a valient effort. just like the teams that go 0 for the season. i agree, i hate political correctness.