Thursday, December 29, 2011

Twitter Thursday

Things are taking a one-week deviation from the norm for Twitter Thursday. One tweet was so bad, so off in a misguided attempt to be humorous, it will be crowned "Worst Tweet of the Week", which will replace the "Tweet of the Week" for this week.

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On to the tweets …

Joe Hough, Avella boys basketball coach
Dec. 24
"Merry Christmas from avella boys basketball team!"

Bill Beckner, Valley New Dispatch sports writer
Dec. 25
"Barkley looks great. Like he lost half a Shaq. #celticschat"

Hiller Hooligans, Trinity student section
Dec. 28
"Just a friendly reminder instead of yelling while the other team is shooting free throws tonight we tell them to Eat my boogers"

Gannon Walls-Mitchell, Bentworth basketball
Dec. 29
"Wish I was home to watch @stephenasmith and @RealSkipBayless on first take more often"

Xavier Severns, Trinity football
Dec. 29
"Just got my mom's name tattooed on my chest, not done with it gonna add on to it :)"

Worst Tweet of the Week
Joe Tuscano, O-R assistant sports editor and wrestling beat writer
@JosephGTuscano (a recommended follow if you enjoy watching Good Morning America, his main subject material on social media)
Dec.  27
"If #dantetaylor and #khembirch are McDonald's All-Americans, I want to see Arby's team."

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Anonymous said...

Where does this leave Trinity's Superintendent?