Friday, December 23, 2011

Twitter Holiday Weekend

No worries, tweeps. These tweets aren't from various locals wishing everyone a Happy Holiday or from people trying to put the Paul Chryst (new Pitt football coach) in Christmas.

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Chad Voytik, highly regarded Pitt quarterback recruit from Tennessee
Dec. 22
"So excited about the hire. Should be getting a call from him soon. This process has been such a blessing and lesson for me. #Godisgood"

Josh Koscheck, Waynesburg High grad and UFC fighter
Dec. 16
"I may never be the best!!! But I will die trying!!!!!! #nevergivingup bc hard work...pays oooooOFF!!!! #posi Enjoy ya weekend!"

Nico Law, Ringgold football
Dec. 21
"My bro made all state got big shoes to fill but i can do it #4 leggoo!!! #proudofhim !!"

Matt Venanzi, Peters Township soccer
Dec. 22
"Congratulations to @andrew_erenberg on being all state! Finally getting the recognition he deserves! @TheMikeKovak #Fordham #bound"

Souf Oaklin fo' Life, comedic look at life in South Oakland
Dec. 19
"Report: Sally Wiggin sabotages generator, makes quick break for wine country before kickoff. #Steelers #MNF"

Seth Petras, Canon-McMillan basketball
Dec. 22
"Socks: Check, Pants: Check, Shoes: Check, Bulletproof Vest: Check"

Tweet of the Week
Fake Todd Graham
Dec. 22
"A fortune teller just told Penni that in two years I will be sneaking out of Phoenix to take my dream job at Ringgold High School."

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