Thursday, December 15, 2011

Twitter Thursday

Been so busy reading tweets from Pitt football players like Brandon Lindsey, Devin Street and Cam Saddler plus national journalists like Sports by Brooks and Pat Forde since Todd Graham bolted Pitt for the "greener pastures" of Arizona State, that I nearly forgot it was ...

Twitter Thursday

You can follow me on Twitter @TheMikeKovak. ... Also want to give a quick plug to the twitter feed of the Peters Township student section @PTHS_RowdyRed. Think it's a great idea and if any other schools have similar feeds follow me and I'll follow back.

Troy Elich
Burgettstown personality,Blue Devils scorekeeper extraordinaire, member of The Vogues, shameless self-promoter
Dec. 10
"I'm on tv again tonight. Pbs at 3 am."

Corey Hunsberger
Trinity basketball
Dec. 11
"@esonger5 thanks for the awesome fan section every game. Pretty sure I heard you especially every time down the court."

Luke Brumbaugh
Seton-La Salle quarterback
Dec. 14
"The one day I have to take the bus my whole life and I miss it #great"

Dakota Norton
Peters Township basketball
Dec. 13
"3-0 baby! Big win!"

Josh Wise
Washington basketball
Dec. 13
"Fell apart today HOPEFULLY we can comeback if not in a hole lot of #trouble smh I don't even know what to say..."

David Kuhn
Peters Township boys golf coach, avid supporter of Pitt athletics
Dec. 14
"Brandon Lindsey said it best, "Coach Graham said he read the Bible everyday, I guess he skipped the page that said Thou shall not lie" #H2P"

Ed Dalton
Trinity football coach
Dec. 14
"Look for Rushel Shell to be a Buckeye"

Joe Graziani
Canon-McMillan football, member of Canon Crazies
Dec. 12
"@TheMikeKovak you have officially made @DwiLLzZ11 aka David Miller famous. #in5wetrust #millerhighlife"

Tweet of the Week
Jaylin Kelly
Washington basketball
Dec. 13
"Done letting my team down starting thursday i'm going too hard"


TomKel said...

@ Jaylin;Part of the maturation process is accepting responsibility.Glad to see your understanding, but your team needs a leader first and foremost. Once you have leadership and accountability, everything else will take care of itself. You guys gotta have some personal pride.

PREXIE 74 said...

I agree with Tom 100% Whs a;ways has athletes and this bunch is no different, in fact this is as good a group as i've seen lately. The difference is attitude. There are a few that should ynderstand that the right attitude is everything and the ones that don't get willdrag you down if you let them. DON'T LET THEM. GO PREXIES, YOU CAN GO FAR IF YOU WORK TOGETHERAND DON'T FORGET DEFENCE WINS GAMES.