Thursday, December 8, 2011

Twitter Thursday

We're back at it ... bringing the best Twitter has to offer. We'll skip all the funny Girls Gone Wild tweets from those of us (including myself @TheMikeKovak) that saw the tour bus parked on Main Street in Washington last Saturday night.

Marques Parks, former South Fayette football standout
@marques_j_parks, Nov, 29
"I will never forget the day @TheMikeKovak called me to tell I was the O-R Defensive Player of The Year! 8 years ago...WOW!"

Pat Zedreck, Clarion U point guard/former South Fayette standout
@PZedreck, Dec. 6
"@TheMikeKovak @C_Brums14 is scared of small bugs, has bad ankles and loves LMFAO's 'Party Rock Anthe' #brumbaughfacts"

Veronica Latsko, Peters Township soccer/member of national player pool for her age group
@V_Latsko12, Dec. 6
"Going to russia!! #soexcited"

Jacob Pato, Trinity football
@jayypay21, Dec. 7
"I kinda wanna sing "my band" by d12 for the talent show this year. I need 3 others rappers to be in it"

Casey Guernsey, Chartiers-Houston volleyball
@caseguerns, Dec. 7
"Sorry Anderson cooper, you do not compare to Brian Williams #silverfox #wannabe"

Graham Lescallette, Burgettstown football
@BigSauce_85, Dec. 8
"I just unfollowed 50 Cent, I hope I don't get shot. #Iprobablywill"

Zach Barnhart, Trinity football
@_ZachBarnhart, Dec. 6
"I want that corner from lsu to win the #heisman just because he is defense"

Ben DuCarme, Canon-McMillan golf
@benducarms, Dec. 4
"One of these days the bengals will stop coming to play at Heinz Field"

Mike Beveridge, Ringgold football/basketball
@MikeBeveridge44, Dec. 7
"S/o @TheRealQuad_Law @C3_OVO @That_Dude_68 elite 11"

Josh Wise, Washington football/basketball/track
@jlwise_whs11, Dec. 7
"Tip off tournament Friday got ball hard like I'm #harrisonbarnes #allday23"

Dustin Fuller, Washington soccer/track
@fullerd10, Dec. 7
"Floor seats for the Virginia tech game and Rhode Island #sick"

Tweet of the Week
Nick Riotto, Trinity baseball and a recent recipient of a recruiting letter from Missouri football. Riotto is committed to Penn State for baseball.
"The #JimmyV speech always is great no matter how many times you watch it"

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