Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The All-Area starting lineup

QB – Tanner Garry, Fort Cherry
RB – Andrew Erenberg, Peters Township
Nick Zupper, Waynesburg
Shai McKenzie, Washington
WR – Zach Challingsworth, South Fayette
DeShan Brown, Beth-Center
Ryan Babirad, Fort Cherry
OL – Clayton Evans, Peters Township
Alex Paulina, Canon-McMillan
Trenton Bosworth, Waynesburg
Greg Kumer, Fort Cherry
Greg Lippert, Peters Township
Sean Lacinski, South Fayette
MP – Percy "Quad" Law, Ringgold

DL – Eric Ellis, Washington
Joe Phillips, Washington
Xavier Severns, Trinity
Mike Beveridge, Ringgold
LB – Corey Garry, Fort Cherry
Sal Faieta, Beth-Center
Jaylin Kelly, Washington
Garrett Vulcano, Chartiers-Houston

DB – Alfon Cook, Ringgold
Corey Hunsberger, Trinity
Danny Lis, Chartiers-Houston
Chavas Rawlins, Monessen

Special teams
K/P – Skyler Fransko, Ringgold
KR/PR – Demetrius Louis, Ringgold


Anonymous said...

Demetrius Louis wasn't the best PR/KR on his own team. I'm guessing you didn't see much of the Rams this year. Louis returned 4 punts for 18 yards and 3 KO returns for 106 yards. No TD's.

See link for where these numbers are detailed.


mike_kovak said...

Just looking for a spot for a player who scored 12 touchdowns and averaged almost 10 yards per carry.

I know the stats. Some of them will be in Wednesday's paper.

R. Keith Taylor said...

Would this team be good enough to win the Parkway Conference? If this really was a team, where would you put Law?

mike_kovak said...

Need a few weeks of practice before tackling the Parkway Conference.

Law would play everywhere ... QB, RB, WR.

prexie said...

i'd take brower from washington as my kick returner, he must have averaged 30 yrds a return. problem was nobody kicked to him. keystone oaks onsided every kickoff, everyone else squibbed.

Anonymous said...

Without naming any names (because afterall they are all just kids) it is very dissapointing to see the same old nepotism that is ever present in this area!

Anonymous said...

Anon at 3:36

Jealousy will eat you alive. You have to let it go. Afterall, they are just kids we're talking about here, right? Nepotism? Is Kovak realted to any of the players who made the team? I feel bad that your son didn't make it but seriously, you have issues bigger than the fact that your son didn't make this team....

prexie said...

hey mike, i think all the kids you named are very deserving, and like any list some kids get left off. thats life.the kids with talent will move on and play at the next level,this list means nothing to their future.(by the way, i had to look up nepotism in the dictionary haha)

Anonymous said...

It's unfortunate that great players go unnoticed because they play for a poor team.