Sunday, October 9, 2011

Week 6 thoughts

Beth-Center reached the WPIAL Class A semifinals in 2006 behind a staunch defense, and hard-as-nails approach to offense.

That team earned hard-fought victories over a Donte Valentino-led California, a Jordan Clemons-led Fort Cherry and a Serra Catholic team one year from reaching the state championship game.

Beth-Center finished 11-1 for one of the best seasons in team history. That fine season ended with a 31-6 loss to Clairton.

In the years since, Beth-Center has been a consistent program. The Bulldogs are always a threat to win a conference title, and rarely lose in the first round of the playoffs.

After watching Beth-Center dismantle Monessen, 46-0 Friday night in a performance where the Bulldogs dominated all three phases of the game, the Bulldogs have their most dangerous team since 2006.

Scratch that. This is the most dangerous Bulldogs team during the coaching tenure of Ed Woods.

In quarterback Sal Faieta, Beth-Center boasts a heady playmaker capable of breaking a big run, or checking out of a play and hitting a big pass. Faieta turned in a sensational performance against Monessen as he accounted for four touchdowns and more than 300 yards of offense.

Cody Durant, DeShan Brown and C.J. Novak can stretch the field, while Jake Sofran and Matt Riggle wear down defenses in the second half with tough running.

Beth-Center hasn't been this deep or as fast at the skill positions in years, and that's what makes them a threat.

Can the Bulldogs equal of better their run in 2006?

That depends. Beth-Center can get a good jump on that by beating Avonworth Friday night. That non-conference game is vital to the Bulldogs' postseason seeding. If they win out, they'll probably be seeded anywhere from three to five, more likely four of five. That would put them on the same side of the Class A bracket as Clairton, assuming the Bears win out.

* As long as Washington holds serve the rest of the way, the Prexies will host their first postseason game since 2001.

* With games remaining against Keystone Oaks and Washington, Burgettstown controls its own postseason chances. The Blue Devils moved to 4-2 overall, and 2-2 in the Century Conference with a 14-7 win Saturday over Quaker Valley.

* Monessen junior quarterback Chavas Rawlins has the best arm I've seen for a high school player since Cody Endres played at Trinity.

* Gotta admit: I believed Fort Cherry would beat Brentwood two weeks ago, and I thought Chartiers-Houston would beat Brentwood Friday night. Instead, the Spartans beat both teams in overtime and put themselves in prime position to finish the regular season with an 8-1 record, barring some sort of crazy win over Clairton.

Which, of course, would come in overtime.

* I'd love to hear from some Bucs fans. I was told C-H had 11 penalties to two for Brentwood.

* Jefferson-Morgan/Carmichaels isn't just the oldest and most-played rivalry in Greene County history, it's one of the oldest in the WPIAL.

There haven't been many outings better than the Rockets' 42-41 win in overtime that was decided on Tom Seddon's extra point.

Jefferson-Morgan took a major step in solidifying its postseason chances, while the loss really hurt Carmichaels chances. I believe Bill Clinton was president the last time Carmichaels missed the WPIAL Class A playoffs.

* Last year, only a small handful of runners rushed for 1,000 yards.

Ringgold's Quad Law eclipsed the milestone already. Waynesburg's Nick Zupper is rapidly approaching the mark.

* Elizabeth Forward only has one win, but for a Trinity team playing without three starters, including leading rusher Tyler Yocca, the Hillers did a nice job in a trap game.

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Anonymous said...

If someone reads this that was at the BC/Monessen game Friday night, please tell me what happened to Monessen.

mike_kovak said...

Beth-Center is what happened.

The Bulldogs made big plays, forced turnovers, scored quickly and often.

Sometimes you just run into a better team.

Anonymous said...

Brentwood was lucky to have even been in the. game at all let alone win. over 100 yards of penalties for the bucs and just two penalties for brentwood that both came at points in the game when they would have no affect on the outcome of the game. If the refs aren't somehow punished for how much they blew that game then there needs to be a rule change in the WPIAL. It was pathetic. The worst game I've ever seen. From Buccaneer Fan.

Anonymous said...

You gotta feel bad for Rawlins.. He is a great player surrounded by kids who seem not to care much. The greyhounds have a big lineman who gets manhandled almost every play by a kid half his size! Hit the weights, young men! I look for Rawlins to be elite as it gets in the WPIAL next year. On another note, Monessen looks like they have to potential to be very good next year. As I read through the roster, they are really young and start a majority of underclassman. Not to mention they have that All-American kid back. Maybe it is time for their coach to look else-where too. If you lose early in the playoffs every year and struggle to win the tri-county, then how long can you consider that successful? Beth Center can add some creditability to the conference with a nice, long run in the playoffs this year. At some point though you run into a Bear and we all know that a Dog and a Bear is an unfair battle. I have seen crazier things though....

mike_kovak said...

Agree with you on Rawlins, not sure I do about attitude and coaching. I've heard nothing but good things about Rawlins from coaches and people I know in the community.

From what I watched, Monessen does not run the football as well as it has in previous seasons.

burg. blue devil said...

Burgettstown does need to win 2 of the next 3 to get into the playoffs. If they beat KO and only KO in the next 3, they could possibly get in the playoffs via tiebreakers.

KO -- beat SV, lose to B'town, and lose to S-L....that gives them a 3-4 conference record

B'town -- lose to S-L, beat KO, and lose to Wash....that gives them a 3-4 conference record

SV -- lose to KO, beat QV, and beat SA....that gives them a 3-4 conference record

If the above happens, then it comes down to tie-breaker points....and I don't understand the goofy tie-breaker system (Gardner points or whatever it's called).

prexie said...

week 6 thoughts for wash high.i hate to be critical about anything after a win but what are the coaches thinking. with 8 minutes left in the game and up by 3 tds the coaches have the d backs play man and actually bring the corners up. nobody deep (at least it didnt look that way). the power i offense with 10 defenders in the box has got to go. if not for some great individual efforts running outside by kelly and mckenzie that offense was bad. my prediction is kelly and mckenzie will miss some games with injury if they keep that up. great kick returns by witcher and brower and spinxs always get overlooked why arent these kids used in the offense (duh) this is a very talented group of kids who can compete with anyone. i'm just worried about how they are being used.i wont even talk about taking a knee on 3rd down and lots of time left

Anonymous said...

I love it how you criticize the coaches all the time on this board. I think it is gutless to go on a website on always say what's wrong with the program without attaching your name. I think next year you should give coach Bosnic your resume and try to volunteer since you are always correct on how to do things. We have two volunteers at jr high and the varsity this year. Show me a High School coach that doesn't use their best players most of the game, referring to using Shai and Jaylin too much. I'm sure Hopewell fans are saying no don't give the ball to Shell 20 times a game thats bad coaching. This team is going to be 7-2 and get a home playoff game for the first time in ten years and yet people still find reason to critize or be upset. It's no pro or college ball or coaching for that matter. Be a part of the solution not the problem. The team won the game doesn't matter who carries the ball or scores the points.
Coach K.

Joey Niklas said...

Man this Avonworth-BC game this Friday is very intriguing. If I wasn't working I'd make my way down to this game. Nothing will surprise me with the outcome. I totally want to say that BC is legit, but at this point I just don't know. TCS is 2-4 against the Eastern but I'd like to scrap that Springdale/Geibel game just because that's a flat out mismatch. One note from that game is BC shutout Geibel 61-0 while Springdale won 61-13. So I must say at the very least BC is comparable to Avonworth just by comparing a few scores. But that's not always the best method of ranking schools. Best of luck to BC Friday night... This guy will be rooting for yinz.

Anonymous said...

BC will beat Avonworth by 4 td's. And when it happens I'll be on here to say told ya so.

Joey Niklas said...

I don't think BC would beat Avonworth by 4 TD's but I wouldn't be surprised if they do.

prexie said...

well i love how the coaches blame the kids for mistakes the coaches prediction is brower will be benched for giving up a catch on man defense. the kid should never leave the field on offense. gordon should be back at safety in passing situations, he goes after the ball. shai and jaylen are great players but they both got helped off the field at least once in that game and i'm just stating a fact.i am not the only one that makes these observations.this team is loaded with talent and i want to see them win some playoff i love you showing loyalty to your fellow coaches, but if you tell me they are using these players wisely and utilizing their talent your are not telling the truth.

prexie said...

oh by the way, give the ball to kelly and mckenzie 30 times each just not in that power i offense with 10 guys in the box. and who is worried about who scores. washington is way way way better than steele valley.

Friday Night Fan said...


From the teams that you have seen in Class A this year, where does Beth-Center rank for you? Do you think they can beat the elite teams (Clairton, Sto-Rox, Rochester)?

Anonymous said...

I am not a Washington native but it seems to me that Coach Bosnic is doing a pretty good job out there and is helping turn around a proud program that wasn't doing well for a number of years. If you have coached then you know that coaches prep long hours and try to put kids in the best possible position to be successful.

mike_kovak said...


I don't think any Class A team can beat Clairton unless a perfect storm hits. Penalties, turnovers, finger-pointing, etc.

After that, I don't see any reason why Beth-Center can not hang with the other teams. The one ingredient I felt the Bulldogs always lacked was speed. They have that this year.

As for the Washington debate, I believe the coaches are doing a good job. They're with the players every day, and I seriously doubt they don't want the team to succeed or the players to succeed. In my opinion, Kelly and McKenzie are not only two of their best players (if not the best) they are two of the best in the area. It's not wise to jump off the horses that got you there.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like just another parent upset about their child not being the heisman trophy winner. Bosnic must know what he is doing winning games and getting kids recruited. Also how many points is way way way better?
True Prexie Fan Since 1957

prexie said...

wow i'm being pounced on. ok nuff said. i hope they win also. also coach k 7 and 2 record. just dont count your chickens, take nothing for granted. also 1957 dude you should be familiar with that offense.

Sarcastic Sword said...

Why does a person who has valid points about a coach always get hit with the "you must be upset that your kid isnt playing" card.....

Its very possible that the person who is pointing out the coaching issues from their point of view doesnt even have a kid playing on the team. Might just be a big fan...or maybe he does have a son playing.

Its just something to guys have no clue who is behind 99% of these posts - read the comments - respond if you choose - but to make a leap of faith that the person has a dog in the fight is unfair..

Joey Niklas said...

I'm with "prexie" on this Washington debate. Accepting status quo isn't the way to be. If he feels the staff and players aren't up to potential, then he has a right to complain. I see nothing wrong w/ expecting the best.

prexie said...

thanks joey you always seem to know what your talking about. its just opinion take it or leave it. like i said in the past no one listens to me anyway. but i encourage you to prove me wrong.

Anonymous said...

I think the point that the coach was trying to make was that if you are going to be critical of something then you should say who you are and what are your credentials. I coach at a local high school in basketball and it is to the point that my wife does not go to games anymore because of what people say. Sarcastic sword you are a perfect example of that! At least Joey Nickals and Friday Night fan put their name on what they have to say. I have an economics degree so maybe I should start posting what Obama should do to fix the economy! This day an age with this technology and the way kids are with computers they read everything and if some dope on the internet with a super hero nickname says they don't know squat they believe it.
Procastinating Shovel!

Joey Niklas said...

No problem prexie.

Mr. shovel

How do we know an anon is a coach though? It could anyone w/ an agenda. Not saying he is or isn't a coach either. If he's or anyone(for that matter) is going to call someone out, at least expose who you are. Seems hypocritical don't you think. (and yes I understand he called himself Coach K, but how do I know if he is, who he says he is? Feel me. I know some of Clairton assistant coach's names and could post an anon post and call myself Coach Fus lol.

Friday Night Fan said...


In your opinion, how does this year's Bears stack up to teams of the past? Do you know or think that Brentwood has a shot this week to keep it close? (I guess keeping it close, in this case, would be enacting the mercy rule after halftime!)

Anonymous said...

@ Niklas and Prexie

You guys have the premonition of an ideal coaching, there aren't ideal sitauations every week or every season for that matter....

Sarcastic Sword said...

@anon 7:42pm...

the kids dont need to read a message board to hear a negative opinion on their respective coach - they know it themselves and talk about it among the players. These kids arent stupid - when the guys who are getting paid make decisions or talk out of both sides of their mouths that cause the players to scratch their heads - they know.

How ironic that you post without a name but call out those that do..You obviously have a reason to say anonymous - and posting a "real name" doesnt mean squat - you or I could make up a name and no one would know if we are being upfront. You could reply to this with a name and unless youre showing a photo ID, you could post any name - that doesnt mean its you.

This whole "you need to put a name to criticize" angle is a way of deflecting the point from the actual criticism - who cares if the poster is an anon, address the argument. The discussion gets lost in the wash this way.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'd have to disagree with the criticisms of the anonymous poster. Washington regularly gives the rock to McKenzie (who I think we're all still having nightmares about...), #40, #44, #1, and #10. So, they find a way to distribute the ball to five or six different talented runners a game (and that's not even including Wise). They're such a dangerous team because they do an effective job of keeping the defense off-balance - just when you think you're maybe getting adjusted to tackling the end up dealing with a speedster the next play. I think the coaches have made some nice adjustments throughout the season and have made that offense very dangerous - they're pretty good at sticking to what works for them..and why do anything other than that? I'm not quite sure what the anonymous complainer wants to see from the Washington'd be silly to spread the field and go away from what is most effective for your team. Some teams are built to spread it out..some teams are built to play on a muddy, grassy field and run the ball 50 times a game.

I do think that the Prexies are a bit vulnerable in the secondary. That could come back to bite them at some point..but it'll be tough to keep your QB clean long enough to expose that weakness. They're very solid on the interior and do a good job of being disciplined and getting a pass rush. So, I wouldn't necessarily disagree that yards can be had against the Prexies if you're able to throw it around on them.

Wash High will be a tough out for any team in the playoffs..whether that's Aliquippa, Seton, Beaver Falls, or whomever they may encounter. They are beatable, obviously, but they have one heck of a talented football team.
SF Lions

mal_8ball said...

mal_8ball in the building! I have spoken to Coach Bosnic many times over the years due to working for a company called Apex Sports Software. He is a pretty good guy and a good coach indeed. When you have so many weapons, its hard to pick and choose who should handle the rock. He does a great job of distributing the ball, and letting the hot hand lead them to victory. 4-2 is a hell of a lot better than last year's 1-5 start. give the coaching staff their props. they are exciting the community again after Wash High has been in a slump over the past 10 years.... This is coming from a Ford City fan and a big fan of WPIAL football.

Holla at cha boi!

Anonymous said...

That moron that posts as Prexie has always been on there questioning everything the coaches do and never giving them any credit. Coach Bosnic took over a team in complete disarray last year and has molded those kids to his offense and the results are obvious. It doesn't surprise me that Prexie doesn't like it, he is a typical know it all do nothing but complain fan, the worst of that ilk.

Honestly, if Wash Hi could ever focus for an entire 4 quarters, they would be a real contender. Eliminate the dumb penalties, turnovers and the ridiculous celebrations after a meaningless big hit...... they have a real shot. I agree with SFLions, they are not real strong at the CB position, but they bring heat well and defend the run well between the tackles and their team speed eliminates alot of the outside run stuff. Offensively they run a nice system with 4 solid weapons, they are small up front, but they really get after you.

Joey Niklas said...

Friday Night Fan,

Char Houston didn't get mercy ruled until late 3rd/Early 4th so anything is possible.

I really don't know how this Bears teams stack up compared to previous years because I only saw the Wash High game live. Between work and a little lack of interest is why I only saw them once. I hope to make it out to the Fort Cherry game next week.

prexie said...

sf lions. i agree 100 percent. my criticism was for the last game only. and i'll keep saying it over and over that you better make teams respect the pass. as for the secondary, they are small, spinx has a bad ankle and brower has a steel plate in his shoe because of turf toe, but i was critical because they had no help over the top.the coaches can read this and say ok prexie maybe your right. or they can say im crazy,frankly i couldnt care less.also the names have been changed to protect the innocent.

prexie said...

wow i actually have to agree with most of the stuff that the guy that called me a moron said haha.