Saturday, October 29, 2011

Week 9 thoughts

Fort Cherry football coach Tim Garry got the idea from an administrator in the Canon-McMillan School District, where Garry teaches. The administrator coached high school football in Virginia.

While there, the high school ran a version of the single-wing offense. Fort Cherry debuted it with great success Friday night during a 37-13 win at Chartiers-Houston that was more impressive than the final scored indicates.

The Rangers call the package "The Spinner" and it entails quarterback Tanner Garry in his usual shotgun formation with a sidecar. Against the Bucs, the Rangers put a series of possible runners just behind the right side of the offensive line in a wishbone-esque formation.

The possibilities were many. Garry can run, or direct snaps can go to Kolton Kobrys or Corey Garry. End-around to Ryan Babirad are another possibility.

"I watched it on film and thought we could put in some plays," Tim Garry said.

Fort Cherry originally planned to showcase the offense a week earlier.

"We actually threw it together for Clairton but we didn't have a good enough handle on it and we fell behind so we decided not to use it," Tanner Garry said.

The package certainly gives Fort Cherry's upcoming opponent in the first round of the WPIAL Class A playoffs something to think about. So does the play of Tanner Garry.

Garry always turns in strong performances against Chartiers-Houston, but Friday night may have been his finest 48 minutes. In conditions far from ideal, Garry completed 13 of 17 passes for 172 yards and he rushed for 137 yards and three scores. He also topped 4,000 passing yards for his career.

"He's had bigger numbers but, considering the level of competition, I'd say this was his best game," Tim Garry said.

* The record-setting career of Peters Township tailback Andrew Erenberg will end at some point during the Class AAAA playoffs.

Erenberg rushed for 174 yards and four touchdowns as the Indians secured a postseason berth with a win against Canon-McMillan. It gives him 1,301 rushing yards and 18 touchdowns on the season.

Teams know what's coming against PT, yet Erenberg produces.

C-M head coach Tim Sohyda said it well in Saturday's edition of the Observer-Reporter, "What more could you want? You know he's getting it, but you still have to stop it. He always falls forward, he doesn't put it on the ground. He's a great running back. He's a solid, in-your-face player. He's hard to stop."

* Ringgold's defense must be feeling better after it put up a zero against Uniontown. The Rams also must feel good about the return of Quad Law.

* Anyone else expecting a Ringgold-Hopewell game in the first round of the WPIAL Class AAA playoffs?

* If freshman Brett Brumbaugh's 13-for-14 passing performance for 228 yards and two scores against Quaker Valley is any indication, South Fayette is set at quarterback the next three years.

* Trinity had its string of six consecutive playoff appearances snapped.

* Anyone else amazed at the lack of quality kicking this year? It could prove costly in the postseason for some, and it contributed to at least one team missing the postseason.

* Washington has its best team since 2001. Whether it translates to postseason success or not will unfold this week.

I, for one, am not sold on the overall strength of Class AA. Except for Aliquippa, the MAC appears down. So does the Interstate Conference after the top two teams and the Allegheny Conference as a whole.

If the Prexies continue to get play up front like they did today against Burgettstown, they can win a couple games.

* With the regular season complete, here's a short list of players worthy of consideration for O-R Player of the Year: Law (Ringgold), Erenberg (Peters Township), Garry (Fort Cherry), Sal Faieta (Beth-Center), Shai McKenzie and Eric Ellis (Washington).


Joey Niklas said...

Interesting stuff on a wrinkle to FC's offense. Is it similar to what Wheeling Central does on offense? I can post a vid or email you it. Or could it be ran similar to the Diamond Pistol, where you can run, Flexbone, Wing T, or anything out of it. Interesting to see where FC ends up in the bracket. I doubt they get the 9th over Springdale and unless Brentwood falls to the 8th seed, FC could drop in the bracket to avoid a first round rematch w/ Brentwood.

Anonymous said...

There is no way Fort Cherry even sniffs #9. Keep in mind, the WPIAL seeds 1-8. After, 9-16 are seeded to avoid re-matches. Brentwood is a 7, Monessen the 8. Springdale is 9. Fort Cherry will fall to at least 11...

1. Clairton
2. Sto Rox
3. Bishop Canevin
4. Rochester
5. Avonworth
6. Beth Center
7. Brentwood
8. Monessen
9. Springdale
11.Fort Cherry
12.Western Beaver
13.Chartiers Houston

Im sure everyone thinks California is way too high. However, you cant put Western Beaver or CH above Fort Cherry, and you cant have Fort Cherry as the 10 because of Brentwood. You also cant put Cornell above Western Beaver. Northgate and Frazier are 15/16 and wouldnt be surprised if Northgate actually got the 16...but putting them where they are is justifiable and keeps the games relatively close (northgate/sto rox, clairton/frazier).

R. Keith Taylor said...

I don't want to see Rushel Shell at Ringgold this Friday. If Dane Brown and Mike Kizzie ran all over us, I don't want to see what Rushel Shell could do.

mike_kovak said...

I don't see how it doesn't happen. Ringgold's loss at Hampton was costly.

Anonymous said...

If Ringgold played Hampton today, it would be a rout. So many things went wrong during that game it was not funny. Not to mention Louis and Johnson did not play. I hope we can get a 7th seed.

Anonymous said...

A One and Done playoff run only confirms one thing for those Ringgold Rams. Last year was a Fluke! Shell will run for 150+ this Friday. Better luck next year Rams but it's looks like the talent really drops off after this class. Back to reality.

R. Keith Taylor said...

The cupboard isn't bare for next year. While they lose some great players, they will certainly compete next year.

Anonymous said...

Ok Upset Special You Heard It Here First. If Brentwood is On The Same side of The Bracket As Sto-Rox Im Taking Brentwood To Knock Sto-Rocks Out In The Second Round. They Are That Good And They Played Clairton Very Tough.

Sarcastic Sword said...

The 2010 Ringgold Rams werent a fluke...With that said, if they were in any other AAA conference, they arent 9-0 either . They beat everyone that the WPIAL put in front of them - no shame in that. The 2011 Rams arent as strong as last yrs team either - the replacements for numerous seniors that graduated have played hard but did not meet the same talent level. If Quad Law didnt perform to the level he did, this team would have switched spots with G Salem this yr. That young man masked many warts with this team. There will be less skill next yr than this yr - breaking in a new QB, etc...If the Rams get moved back to the Big 7, they will more than likely be a middle of the rd team looking to nab the 3rf/4th playoff spot. IF they stay in the Keystone, their skill still should put them in the top 3 again.

R. Keith Taylor said...

Nico Law is going to be a star. You heard it from me.