Thursday, October 13, 2011

Twitter Thursday

Follow me on Twitter @TheMike Kovak ... Now, on to the tweets.

Stephen McCaw, Waynesburg baseball
@StephenMcCaw 17
Oct. 12
"'Confidence is contagious, so is the lack of it' -Vince Lombardi"

Ryan Dupain, Burgettstown football
Oct. 12
"@TannerGarry3 Having a great year so far. Great player, greay guy."

Dustin Fuller, Washington soccer/track/football
Oct. 9
"I'm the reason they say hard work pays off #trackseason2012"

Joey Niklas, Author of football fan
Oct. 8
"If Monessen slips to #3 do they get the normal TCS treatment and get the #15 and have to travel to Sto Rox... hmmm"

Josh Wise, Washington football/basketball/track
Oct. 7
"Steel valley is no joke they go hard I respect that team and now they respect us!"

Zach Barnhart, Trinity football
Oct. 12
"my 500th tweet goes out to #mymommy for making dinner"

Doug Wilson, Canon-McMillan basketball
Oct. 13
"I've only overdoesed on one thing and that's #confidence"

Tweet of the Week
Marques Parks, former South Fayette and Bowling Green football standout
Oct. 6
"Lol a few ppl coming @ me 4 the shows I watch, saying Im not a man & should be watching Pens game. 2 that I say I'm black & have tattoos."


Joey Niklas said...

whoa... I may be an avid fan... but not a former player.

but thx for the shout regardless

mike_kovak said...

My apologies. Correction made.