Thursday, October 6, 2011

Twitter Thursday

Normally, I'm not a laugh-out-loud-when-by-myself kind of guy, but one tweet made me laugh to the point where it has earned distinction as "Tweet of the Week", which will be a new feature to Twitter Thursday.

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Chavas Rawlins, Monessen football
Sept. 30
"So I broke my hand in the first quarter, finished the game tho. Damn was that ruff"

Robert Heller, former Ringgold High and Waynesburg University running back
Oct. 1
"Is Allegheny College really playing on tv right now? I feel like I'm watchin monessen against bentworth"

Amelia Wolf, Washington volleyball/rifle/track
Oct. 1
"my dad came in my room and rubbed his beard on my hand and said "everyday I'm scruffling!" #yeahhh"

Jaylin Kelly, Washington football
Oct. 1
"Someone just told me we playin like the old wash high so i'm guessing thats a good thing"

Pat Vereb, Peters Township girls soccer coach
Oct. 3
"Maybe the irs can audit the scoreboard operators at those 85-0 games"

Gannon Walls-Mitchell, Bentworth soccer/basketball
Oct. 4
"Whatever happened to hailey and hillary duff ..... those was some bad women haha"

Tweet of the Week
Corey Garry, Fort Cherry football
@coreygarry (a very entertaining follow)
Oct. 5
"Love being too lazy to go downstairs to pee #itsbetterfromtwostories"


R. Keith Taylor said...

Allegheny's QB is a Ringgold Alumnus.

Anonymous said...

Allegheny College football team is filled with players who decided to not waste their talent.