Monday, October 17, 2011

Observer-Reporter WPIAL football rankings

Class AAAA
1. Pittsburgh C.C. 7-0, def. Gateway 13-7
2. North Allegheny 7-0, def. Pine-Richland 35-7
3. Upper St. Clair 6-1, def. Canon-McMillan 55-0
4. Penn-Trafford 7-0, def. Latrobe 38-0
5. Woodland Hills 6-1, def. Kiski Area 35-6

Class AAA
1. Central Valley 7-0, def. Hopewell 34-23
2. Franklin Regional 7-0, def. Laurel Highlands 63-0
3. Knoch 7-0, def. Kittanning 70-14
4. Thomas Jefferson 5-2, def. Trinity 28-7
5. Ringgold 6-1, def. Derry Area 44-7

Class AA
1. Aliquippa 7-0, def. Beaver 21-12
2. Seton-La Salle 7-0, def. Burgettstown 40-0
3. Jeannette 7-0, def. Mt. Pleasant 35-14
4. Greensburg C.C. 7-0, def. Mohawk 43-6
5. Beaver Falls 6-1, def. New Brighton 35-14

Class A
1. Clairton 7-0, def. Brentwood 32-0
2. Sto-Rox 7-0, def. Western Beaver 43-0
3. Bishop Canevin 7-0, def. Leechburg 44-6
4. Rochester 6-1, def. Cornell 19-0
5. Avonworth 6-1, def. Beth-Center 20-19


Anonymous said...

Looking at the way the playoff seeds are falling into place, it's possible that Beth Center could win the Tri-County South and be the #7 seed. That loss against Avonworth REALLY hurt them...

1. Clairton
2. Sto Rox
3. Bishop Canevin
4. Rochester/Brentwood
5. Rochester/Brentwood/Avonworth
6. Brentwood/Avonworth

Provided the last two weeks go the way they should, you cant put BC above Avonworth and you cant really put Avonworth above Rochy and Brentwood. That loss really hurt.

Avonworth does face two average to slightly above average teams to finish the season so a loss would drop them from the #2 spot...but even that doesnt help BC.

mike_kovak said...

I definitely think you can have Avonworth over Brentwood based on strength of schedule and quality wins.

Anonymous said...

There's no chance of Brentwood being in the 4 spot. The middle man in Fort Cherry speaks it all. 34-12 over Fort Cherry (Rochy). Or 19-20 in ot (Brentwood).

Anonymous said...

So mike you're saying it should end up going
4. Rochester
5. Avonworth
6. Brentwood

Where does Monesson fit into all that?

mike_kovak said...

The second-place team from the TCS will be the No. 8 whether that's Monessen or Frazier, the most likely candidates at this point.

If Monessen finishes third, I suspect the Greyhounds will get the No. 15, maybe a 14 if lucky.

Being shutout in back-to-back weeks, then beating West Greene by two touchdowns will not impress the committee.

Anonymous said...

where do you see Beth Center?

Friday Night Fan said...

As good as Brentwood has played, I still do not think they will be seeded above Beth-Center. I believe, if everything happens the way it should, Beth-Center will be the six seed, Brentwood the seven and whoever is second in the TCS will be eight. The TCS will also be the 15 and 16 no matter what else happens. They will be the sacrificial lamb to Clairton and Sto-Rox in round one.

Anonymous said...

Monessen will beat Frazier by 3 TD's. So look for them to be the 8 or 9 seed and most likely make a second round exit as usual.

mike_kovak said...

I think B-C should get the six, but the TCS does not have any non-conference wins to brag about, so a seven could be the final verdict.

Joey Niklas said...

1 Clairton
2 Sto Rox
3 Rochester
4 Bishop Canevin
5 Avonworth
6 Beth Center
7 Brentwood
8 TCS #2
9 Springdale
10 W. Beaver
11 Fort Cherry/Char Houston
12 Cornell
13 Fort Cherry/ Char Houston
14 Eastern #4(Northgate, North Catholic, OLSH)
15 TCS #3
16 TCS #4

Anonymous said...

Rochy is SOOOO over-rated. Watched them against Fort Cherry, saw the Rochy/Sto Rox game. They are very small...this isnt the same Rochy Rams. They are well coached, but thats it. Sto rox wore them down and put them away late...Clairton will do the same in more convincing fashion.

Canevin deserves the #3, not Rochy. Canevin will go undefeated in the Eastern Conference...that is good enough for the #3.

And you heard it here first..Im not convinced Sto Rox can beat Canevin. I think you are going to see a semi-final featuring Sto Rox and Canevin. Its going to be a great game, and I think Canevin has a REAL GOOD CHANCE of beating them.

Anonymous said...

Joey, Fort Cherry tanked W Beaver so how do you have them ahead if Fort Cherry finishes third?

Anonymous said...

Monessen is done. Andy has lost that team. That 46-0 blowout at the hands of BC broke that team in half. You need to look no further than the West Greene game...14-0. Frazier will beat Monessen, Monessen will travel to Sto Rox and get destroyed.

Anonymous said...

Canevin is not as good as you think Anon. They got it taken to them 4-0 against Brentwood and that's no fluke with a score like that. The Eastern conference is weak. And sto-rox has way to much speed for canevin to handle. That game wont be close.

Anonymous said...

monessen dominated west greene, and won the game comfortably.

monessen will school frazier. the commodores are greatly improved but not yet sea-worthy.

when that happens, monessen will be in the 12-13-14 group in the committee meeting...that means they get rochester, canevin, avonworth....not sto-rox.

Joey Niklas said...

Anon 11:21

I realized that Fort Cherry beat W. Beaver. You put FC in the 10 spot and you create a conference rematch w/ Brentwood in the 7-10 game.

prexie said...

i think fort cherry can score against clairton, but they will never be able to stop them prediction 42-12. everyone is playing for second place. some of these games will be fun to watch though.

Anonymous said...

then bump western back. dont penalize fort cherry for beating someone.

Joey Niklas said...

But where would you place FC/CH or WB though? I can't see FC/CH getting the #9 seed over Springdale and I can't see the #3 team from the TCS getting seeded anywhere higher than 13 unless its Monessen. And could a 4th place Northgate get the #10th seed. Its not necessarily penalizing FC/CH, its how the other chips fall. And could we justify Brentwood getting seeded higher than Beth Center, I think not.

Anonymous said...

I could absolutely justify Brentwood being seeded higher than Beth Center. Year in and year out the TCS can't win a game outside of their conference. Beth Center, the TCS "powerhouse" plays an ooc game, at home, against a team that lost to Bishop Canevin 33-6, and cant get it done. Brentwood lost a game, 32-0, against the #1 team in the state and the 2 time defending state champs giving Clairton one of their closest regular season games since 2009 and their closest conference game since possibly 2005. Brentwood will end the season with 1 loss to the top team. I would have no problem if Brentwood was seeded 5th. I would be more surprised if Brentwood was seeded 7th than if they were seeded 5th. And in NO WAY, SHAPE, OR FORM is Rochester going to be seeded above Bishop Canevin.

In the end it really doesnt matter...the only thing you need to worry about in Class A is Clairton and whoever wins the 2/3 game. The rest are all lambs being led to the eventual slaughter.

beenthere said...

The committee only seeds the top 8 based on the 1st and 2nd place finishers in each conference. 3rd place is only considered if there was a gardner point tiebreaker. The rest are placed in to avoid same conference match-ups. In other words, there are no seeding arguements below 8th.