Thursday, October 27, 2011

Twitter Thursday

New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski got in a little hot water the past week when he was photographed with an adult film "actress", who posted the photo on Twitter. The lady wore Gronkowski's jersey, and the former Woodland Hills product wasn't wearing a shirt.

Didn't seem like a big deal to me, but Gronkowski had to apologize to Patriots owner Robert Kraft.

Wonder what Robert Kraft would think if he read some tweets from local high school students?

You can follow me on Twitter @TheMikeKovak ... now, on to a few notables from the past week.

Chavas Rawlins, Monessen multi-sport athlete
Oct. 27
"#IowaState will be attending Fridays game"

Eric Ellis, Washington football
Oct. 26
"@MikeBeveridge44 according to the observer me n you are the best defensive players around. Keep it up bro."

Tom Nettles, Peters Township golf/PIAA runner-up
Oct. 25
"well that was a hell of a battle.. finished 2nd by one stroke"

Mike Yancich, Penn State linebacker/Trinity grad
Oct. 22
"7-1 uh huh... #weare #pennstatefootball"

Tweet of the Week
Oct. 21
"Both Jefferson-Morgan & Waynesburg have been eliminated as Greene County has been shutout of the playoffs for the first time since 1995."


Friday Night Fan said...


I really like the Twitter Thursday posts. It really lets you into the mind of some of these high school athletes. In your opinion, how good is the Rawlins kid from Monessen? He has really jumped on the scene this year. On paper his physical attributes and stats look impressive. Does he have a shot to play at a major college?

mike_kovak said...

Rawlins has a live arm and can zip it into small windows. He throws the type of ball that a lot of high school receivers struggle to catch but college receivers will snag.

Once he gets a little extra touch on deep passes, look out.

He's got the build, the arm and mobility. I see why he's attracting D1 attention.