Monday, September 14, 2009

TVL's WPIAL football rankings

McGuffey's 6-0 victory over Greensburg Central Catholic knocked the Centurions out of the Class AA rankings and put Beaver Falls at the No. 1 position. In Class A, Laurel vs. Rochester is looking like the game of the year.

Class AAAA
1. Gateway 2-0
2. Pittsburgh Central Catholic 2-0
3. North Allegheny 2-0
4. Upper St. Clair 2-0
5. Bethel Park 2-0

Class AAA
1. Thomas Jefferson 2-0
2. Hopewell 2-0
3. New Castle 2-0
4. Chartiers Valley 2-0
5. Belle Vernon 2-0

Class AA
1. Beaver Falls 2-0
2. Aliquippa 2-0
3. Keystone Oaks 2-0
4. Seton-La Salle 2-0
5. Mt. Pleasant 2-0

Class A
1. Rochester 2-0
2. Serra Catholic 2-0
3. Laurel 2-0
4. Avonworth 2-0
5. Springdale 2-0


Anonymous said...

Went to NA / Lebo game week two. NA
star lineman Ricketts did not play (knee). Team dominated a young Lebo team. NA strengths are running backs and defense. First year Qb missed two wide open receivers or the score would have been much worse. It was enjoyable to watch the play calling and half time adjustments of Walker compared to must HS coaches. Shaler NA game should be a good one.

Anonymous said...

Still no clairton ranked yet tell me mike have u given up on the bears?

mike_kovak said...

Not at all.

Anonymous said...

sooo tell me why don't you think they deserve to be ranked?

mike_kovak said...

Because they lost a game. If they keep winning, I'm sure they'll get back in there but, for now, 1-1 doesn't get any team into the rankings.

Clairton Alum said...

Mike, Clairton doesnt currently deserve to be in the top 5. Not to mention, I really dont want them there. They get too cocky when they see their names in print. I am just fine with them not being ranked. As it stands now those teams you have 1-5 are better. After that opening day dibacle the bears need to work themselves back into the rankings and quite frankly a 46-0 win over a way over-hyped monessen team isnt proof of anything.

Keep up the good work...

prexie said...

i still dont think beaver falls is #1 keystone oaks, mt pleasant and greensburg cc may be better teams. from the looks of things jeannette is the real deal yet again. unfortunatly the prexies are next in line for greensburg. they are probably going to try to turn it up a notch against the high since the loss to mcguffey.look for wash high to pass more against greensburg.

Anonymous said...


Sarcastic Sword said...

BVA is certainly a head scratcher....Is AAA that down this yr? Or is BVA the flavor of the day due to a couple of lopsided wins? I understand they have outscored their opponents 94-17 but they didnt beat USC and Fla - they beat Laurel Highlands and Southmoreland - two teams annually at the bottom of AAA...The proof is in the pudding - a better determination will be how they do at Char valley on Friday....Pretender or contender? From the bottom of the Big 7 in 2008 to ranked #5 by week 2 - the team didnt just get an infusion of talent over the summer...Are they better than last yr? - They should be with so many returning starters but to a ranked team? Dont see it.....

Ringgold Legend said...

BVA is no good. They were picked to finish last in the Big 7 below Ringgold who only returns 1 starter. I can recall BVA started off 2-0 and got whipped 62-0 by CV after Brian Herman predicted they (BVA) would win. Herman wised up and decided to proclaim CV the winner by 4 TDs this year. It'll probaly be worse. In think CV can win the Big 7 this year because I am not sold on TJ just yet.

Anonymous said...

I was at the CV / BVA game this week...CV is average at best; and you're right, BVA isn't very good.

TJ will beat CV - the Colts are a 1 man team - Wayne Capers at QB.
He's not even really a QB, he is a great athlete but he doesn't throw the ball very accurately. He honestly had trouble completeing passes in the pre-game warm-up with no defense in front of his receivers. When he drops back to pass he usually doesn't even look to throw; he is looking to run. That won't work against a better defensive team like TJ, or Hopewell, etc. The CV defense is maybe slightly below average and a little undersized, BVA put up 21 on them and should have had more if it not for a few untimely penalties.