Tuesday, September 15, 2009

State football rankings

Pennsylvania high school football rankings from The Patriot-News of Harrisburg for the week of Monday, September 14, with school’s district in parentheses, followed by the school’s record and last week’s ranking. NR means not ranked. Honorable mention teams listed alphabetically.


1. Pittsburgh Central Catholic (7) 2-0 1
2. La Salle College (12) 2-0 2
3. Bishop McDevitt (3) 2-0 3
4. State College (6) 2-0 4
5. North Penn (1) 2-0 5
6. Gateway (7) 2-0 6
7. St. Josephs Prep (12) 2-0 7
8. McKeesport (7) 1-1 8
9. Downingtown West (1) 2-0 9
10. Neshaminy (1) 2-0 10
Honorable mention
Abington (1) 2-0, Bethel Park (7) 2-0, Cardinal OHara (12) 2-0, Central Dauphin (3) 2-0, Cumberland Valley (3) 1-1, McDowell (10) 2-0, North Allegheny (7) 2-0, Parkland (11) 2-0, Pennsbury (1) 2-0, Wilson (3) 1-1, Woodland Hills (7) 1-1.

1. Thomas Jefferson (7) 2-0 1
2. Selinsgrove (4) 2-0 2
3. Wilson Area (11) 2-0 3
4. Cathedral Prep (10) 1-1 4
5. Manheim Central (3) 2-0 5
6. Abington Heights (2) 2-0 6
7. Hopewell (7) 2-0 7
8. Pottsgrove (1) 2-0 8
9. Bayard Rustin (1) 2-0 9
10. Berwick (2) 2-0 10
Honorable mention
Allentown Central Catholic (11) 2-0, Chartiers Valley (7) 2-0, Strath Haven (1) 2-0, Strong Vincent (10) 1-1, Susquehanna Twp. (3) 2-0, Upper Moreland (1) 1-1, West York (3) 2-0.

1. Lancaster Catholic (3) 2-0 2
2. Wilmington (10) 2-0 3
3. Beaver Falls (7) 2-0 4
4. Dunmore (2) 2-0 5
5. Keystone Oaks (7) 2-0 6
6. West Catholic (12) 2-0 NR
7. Martinsburg Central (6) 2-0 7
8. Montoursville (4) 2-0 8
9. Aliquippa (7) 2-0 9
10. General McLane (10) 2-0 10
Honorable mention
Honorable mention: Bok (12) 2-0, Brockway (9) 2-0, Jeannette (7) 2-0, Northern Lehigh (11) 1-1, Palisades (11) 2-0, Sto-Rox (7) 2-0.

1. Rochester (7) 2-0 1
2. Farrell (10) 2-0 2
3. Bishop McCort (6) 2-0 3
4. Southern Columbia (4) 1-1 4
5. Serra Catholic (7) 2-0 5
6. Laurel (7) 2-0 6
7. Clairton (7) 1-1 7
8. Steelton-Highspire (3) 1-1 8
9. Schuylkill Haven (11) 2-0 NR
10. Portage (6) 2-0 10
Honorable mention
Bellwood-Antis (6) 2-0, Bloomsburg (4) 2-0, Cameron County (9) 2-0, Old Forge (2) 2-0, South Side Beaver (7) 2-0, Springdale (7) 2-0.


Anonymous said...

just read that uniontown threw a pick 6 to TJ while trailing by 8 with less than 2 minutes left to play. while those 2 schools are not in washington county, id like to acknowledge uniontown for that performance. im shocked

Ostara said...

Ok my Hillers need to find everything that they have in them and a little more even and make it the fight of their life this friday night. If they do everything the best they can, they will no doubt shock everyone.

My thought process (of course optimistic) is that Trinity going in to this game friday night has an angry and nothing to lose attitude. This has to, to some level make them a more dangerous team. If they go out there and play hard knowing that they started the season against quad A CM and punched them right in the mouth in the first half, there is no reason they can't go out there and give TJ a punch in the mouth as well. They just need to not run out of gas.

Speaking of shocks, McGuffey once again has beaten GCC! The litterally have GCC's number.

Anonymous said...

ok, lets not go too far. "punched CM in the mouth in the first half"? I think you could say the same about the Cleveland Browns, Wyoming, Notre Dame, the APRIL Pittsburgh Pirates, etc... and we see how those games finished this weekend. You have to play a WHOLE game. Winning the first drive of a game doesn't make you a winner.

As for the TJ game, its the biggest, most hyped, upset ready game of the year in Washpa but the Hillers fall flat each year. This year will be no different, TJ is way down, but they will stomp all over the Hiller Hype Machine. The differece this year is TJ doesn't have the power to put this into the Mercy Rule at half time.

TJ 7-0 at half, final 28-6 TJ.

With the most depth Trinity "has ever had", the lack of offense, and the debacle of game day coaching they do, does the 0-3 start spell the dismissal of Mr. Dalton? You can't blame the talent anymore, they've created the athletes, now you to look at the entire coaching staff

Anonymous said...

"punched CM in the mouth in the first half"? Please, I guess the same came from the Clevelandn Browns, Univ of Wyoming, Notre Dame and the Buffalo Bills this weekend, and see how they finished! YOu have to play an entire game, winning the first drive of the game doesn't mean much.

The TJ game is always the most hyped, upset ready game in Washpa, only to be the one over the quickest. With the new earlier start, this game will be over before other games are kicking off. TJ is way down this year, and does not have offensive power they have had in the past, but they will beat up and out coach the boys in blue. Halftime 7-0 TJ, Final 28-6 TJ. The real question is, what will happen first, darkness sets in or Coach Dalton uses all 3 time outs in the first half??

If this is "the deepest the Hillers have ever been" and they keep producing all of this talent, does this 0-3 start spell the dismissal of Coach Dalton? There seems to be letdown each season, and the natives are getting restless more and more each year. There is no offense this year. Coach Dalton has done great things for the school, but you cannot use the lack of talent/athletes excuse anymore. IMO the entire staff needs to be looked at

Anonymous said...

TJ does that early in the year all the time. Remember how close Belle Vernon got to them in week 1 two years ago...then Rood said in the paper that some sophomore they had totally handled Nix?

People from Ringgold still insist that they should have beat TJ last year because the score was close at halftime - but they ended up losing by like 34 points.

I don't know what to make of TJ this year...but it seems like teams need to beat them early in the season before they get really going - somewhere around the 4th or 5th week.

R. Keith Taylor said...

The deal with the TJ game for Ringgold last year was two things. 1. The depth of Ringgold vs TJ and 2. The halftime adjustments. Ringgold was playing with TJ play for play in the first half. The better team still prevailed.

Anonymous said...

All the Trinity fans talked all summer about this is the year they overtake TJ, now they are 4 quarters away from being 0-3!

I hope TJ wins by 35, maybe then some of you blind Trinity fans can finally admit that it is time to give someone else a chance to bring Trinity to the next level.

Anonymous said...

TJ is going to struggle a little this year. Now by struggle I dont neccessarily mean that they are going to lose a game/games, but they dont have a strong QB. After the Uniontown game, Cherp had those kids at practice at 7 am the next morning...as you can imagine he wasnt happy.

Ostara said...

Anon @ 11:29

As far as Trinity punched CM in the mouth in the first half: They did! Did you see or listen to the game? Wasn't Trinity winning? Nobody said winning the first drive makes you a winner. Don't know where that came from as I know CM won and you're getting off the point.

Let's get over this Hiller Hype Machine thing straight away. You tell me what fan says: man, I can't wait to see my team get destroyed this week?!?!?!

Dalton's not getting dismissed. The guy keeps them consistent and he's a great AD at THS.

It's seems like you're and angry little pessemistic troll from Washington County. Take that stuff elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

MEDIOCR3 is spelled with a 0 and a 3, much like the Hillers.

You guys have always been happy with average, enjoy that!

Washington Little Prexies has a WPIAL in it. haha

Anon 11:29

Anonymous said...

It is easy to tell when an immature child posts on this blog. How could anyone with a decent education hope that the Trinity kids, let alone any high school student, fail to succeed?

That is just absolutely uncalled for and shows your lack of intelligence! Real Classy kid! Your parents must be really proud of the product you have become.

You want 60 kids to fail so that you can stick your chest out and brag... all because you have an issue with Coach Dalton.... And if you are an adult, then all the more rediculous. Either you are a bench warmer or your the parent of one.

Absolutely Classless my friend! These are kids, win or lose, they go out there every day and every Friday night and give 100%. But you would rather see them lose so you can give yourself a pat on the back because you or your son just wasnt good enough.

THSfan said...

To Anon (7:45pm)....
Not ALL the Trinity fans talked all summer. Show me a posting where I said anything about how great the Hillers will be. I didn't start blogging on this particular site until two weeks ago.
Don't make untrue statements and false facts to try and justify your point.
However, you are free to hate all you want............

Ostara said...

Anon @11:45:

You're exactly right. It seems that the uneducated/usuccessful/unmotivated sector seems to thrive off of other people's shortcomings as misery loves company.

It would be interesting to see this Anon @11:07's acomplishments in life. pessemism is usually a product manufactured by a failure. It would be a totally better world if Walmart sold class and this individual could go and buy themself a little.

On an up note, These Trinity kids work hard and all of them have chances with a coach that cares and puts in enough time to get them looked at by big named schools. I don't think Trinity ever has had the scouting that they do now under Dalton. He's involved and it's great for a team that win, lose or draw plays their hearts out.

My hat gos off to ALL teams, players and coaches that get out there on friday nights to push the limits and prove yes when everyone thought no!

The WPIAL as a whole is fantastic and every team should feel blessed to that is part of it. It's teams usually represent and win state titles. The most competition in PA is in the WPIAL.

Ostara said...

ANON @11:09..







Anonymous said...

If this is a down year for TJ's QB - yikes.

Stats say he's played pretty well through 2 games.

As a group, they looked totally uninterested against Uniontown.

Not sure what that means for the rest of their season.

Ostara said...

Anon @ September 16, 2009 11:12 AM

That was a pretty good forcast for Trinity and TJ.

Did you also predict CM to be beaten by Woodland Hills 37-7?

tsk tsk..

Anonymous said...


What do you think Trinity should be ranked statewide at this point?

I know they had preseason ranking, that was very celebrated on here by some Trinity supporters. Just wondering what the insiders of the fine program are thinking now?

Anonymous said...

We're thinking that with the right game coach, we could be 3-0

Ostara said...

First let's start by you using a name.

I'm no insider, just alum.

In the case that you're the same ANON that I have been responding to: who knows what their ranking is? But how about CM? What would their ranking be? I have to hand it to you. Even when you have no case, you keep coming back for more and trying to pull at strings to argue your point (no matter how tiny and insufficient it is).

My point is that you can't respectfuly trashtalk THS as a CM fan. Maybe you should be more critical of the team you support when both teams are in the same boat.

Ostara said...

ANON @ September 20, 2009 10:21 PM:

Not everyone is an "insider". I'm an alum. You see, people actually graduate at THS.

Anonymous said...

By the way Ostara, the team I support is 3-0. Yours is 0-3.

You didn't answer the question, where should that D1 factory Trinity be ranked statewide? Maybe THS fan should tell us, he was jumping up and down in here when the initial state rankings were posted on this blog.

Ostara said...

ANON, That's fantastic your team you "support" is 3-0. So one question, why are so you bent on disrespecting a team that didn't get you experience that record? Why waste your time? I don't get it? Just go's to show you, Win lose or draw, a dirtball fan is still a dirtball fan.