Friday, September 18, 2009

Price not coaching

The Observer-Reporter has confirmed that Lloyd Price is not coaching the Ringgold football team tonight as the Rams face Southmoreland in a non-conference game at Joe Montana Stadium.

As previously reported, Price was suspended for last week's 41-38 win at Albert Gallatin.

Assistant coach Matt Humbert will serve as head coach for the second consecutive week.


Ringgold Legend said...

The Rams destroyed Southmoreland 59-14. It was 56-0 at half time. Price's suspension should be over this week.

Anonymous said...

hope he looks for a new job he doesn`t need that school he needs to be somewhere else that board is sad they should look at themselves they all need suspended

Anonymous said...

I agree ....I hope Price does find another job. Most school boards are made up of selfish, controlling ego maniacs but Ringold's is by far the worst. If Joe Montana coached the football teal & Stan Musial coached the baseball team those idiots would find some reason to fire them. They had one of the classiest AD's you could find and he eventually tired of the petty B.S. and left Ringold and went to Bethel before he retired and they had a basketball coach that won a state title and he too got fed up with them. Nobody is ever treated well there. In the long run it is always the kids that suffer because of the Ringold board....what a shame.

Anonymous said...

haha ringgold was up 56-0 at half. i would just like to point out a certain lady that makes predictions on a certain website. she took southmoreland over ringgold. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA wow. really..