Tuesday, September 8, 2009

TVL's WPIAL football rankings

Hope everyone enjoyed the Labor Day Weekend. Summer's over folks and it's time to rank the WPIAL football teams.

Class AAAA
1. Gateway 1-0
2. Pgh Central Catholic 1-0
3. North Allegheny 1-0
4. Upper St. Clair 1-0
5. Bethel Park 1-0

Class AAA
1. Thomas Jefferson 1-0
2. Hopewell 1-0
3. New Castle 1-0
4. Franklin Regional 1-0
5. Chartiers Valley 1-0

Class AA
1. Greensburg Central Catholic 1-0
2. Beaver Falls 1-0
3. Aliquippa 1-0
4. Keystone Oaks 1-0
5. Seton-La Salle 1-0

Class A
1. Rochester 1-0
2. Serra Catholic 1-0
3. Laurel 1-0
4. Avonworth 1-0
5. Springdale 1-0


Anonymous said...

So what does anybody think about that clairton and monessen game, and clairton throughout the rest of the season? any thoughts, they have a chance this year?

Anonymous said...

i belive they have a chance, there going to have to get it togeather as well as many outher teams in the black hills. Tonights game will be verry interesting.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the REAL Clairton bvears are back!!!! Now the season has began bring it on......Let's go Bears we've seen what you can do with a 46-0 victory over monessen

Clairton Alum said...

Lets not get carried away. Yes, they did a complete 180 from last week but they werent real crisp on offense and still lacked that explosive offensive power for a little more than a half of football. I am definitely encouraged with what I saw but they still have some work to do. Monessen is over-rated every year...this year was no different. Clairton needs to continue to improve to get back to where they were last year. Hopefully Weatherspoon continues to heal and can be worked back into the gameplan more. We'll see...