Tuesday, September 1, 2009

State football rankings

The Patriot-News of Harrisburg just released its initial high school football rankings. Take a gander.

Team Rec Pvs
1. Pittsburgh Central Catholic (7) 8-3 NR
2. LaSalle College (12) 9-3 NR
3. McKeesport (7) 9-3 8
4. Bishop McDevitt (3) 10-3 NR
5. State College (6) 12-1 6
6. Liberty (11) 15-1 1
7. Penn Hills (7) 8-4 NR
8. Downingtown West (1) 11-2 NR
9. North Penn (1) 14-1 4
10. Woodland Hills (7) 14-1 3

Honorable mention: Central York (3) 10-2, Cumberland Valley (3) 12-2, Gateway (7) 12-1, George Washington (12) 10-2, McDowell (10) 8-4, Neshaminy (1) 12-2, Pennsbury (1) 9-3, St. Josephs Prep (12) 8-4.

Team Rec Pvs
1. Thomas Jefferson (7) 15-1 1
2. Selinsgrove (4) 13-2 4
3. Wilson Area (11) 12-1 8
4. Cathedral Prep (10) 7-5 NR
5. Manheim Central (3) 11-3 10
6. Abington Heights (2) 10-2 NR
7. Hopewell (7) 8-3 NR
8. Upper Moreland (1) 10-2 NR
9. Pottsgrove (1) 10-2 NR
10. Bayard Rustin (1) 12-2 9

Honorable mention: Archbishop Wood (12) 12-3, Blackhawk (7) 11-2, Berwick (2) 11-3, Chartiers Valley (7) 7-3, Trinity (7) 5-5, West York (3) 13-2.

Team Rec Pvs
1. Greensburg Central Catholic (12) 10-1 NR
2. Lancaster Catholic (3) 13-2 4
3. Wilmington (10) 15-1 1
4. Beaver Falls (7) 12-1 5
5. Dunmore (2) 11-2 9
6. Keystone Oaks (7) 8-2 NR
7. Martinsburg Central (6) 12-2 8
8. Montoursville (4) 10-3 NR
9. Aliquippa (7) 12-3 3
10. Brockway (9) 5-5 NR

Honorable mention: Jeannette (7) 10-2, Northern Lehigh (11) 4-6, Palisades (11) 9-4, Tyrone (6) 10-2, West Catholic (12) 14-2.

Team Rec Pvs
1. Clairton (7) 15-1 3
2. Rochester (7) 10-2 10
3. Farrell (10) 12-3 5
4. Bishop McCort (6) 12-1 8
5. North Catholic (7) 8-3 NR
6. Steelton-Highspire (3) 16-0 1
7. Southern Columbia (4) 10-3 9
8. Serra Catholic (7) 6-4 NR
9. Monessen (7) 7-4 NR
10. Portage (6) 12-1 NR

Honorable mention: Bellwood-Antis (6) 10-2, Bloomsburg (4) 8-3, Cameron County (9) 12-2, Schuylkill haven (11) 14-1, Springdale (7) 6-4.


Anonymous said...

wow, how about 8 of the top 10 state class A teams being from Western PA and 5 of the 10 being wpial teams.

Anonymous said...

WELL WELL WELL. Funny how there is no CM, or PTHS anywhere there. However, Trinity whom they seem to target, has an honorable mention.

Can't say I'm surprised. This kind of stuff happens out of jealously. Peters can't help it, they always think they are good and are always under-acheivers. CM has a chance, but at this point the bark of trash talkers seems to be more than the bite they are expected to put out.

Anonymous said...


A Trinity fan celebrating a preseason honorable mention? Thats truly par for the course. Trinity is all about preseason rankings and hype because we all know when the pads get on its lights out for Trinity.

Live it up Trinity fans, I bet Big Eddie bought a banner to celebrate the big preseason ranking!!!


0-1 in 2 more days!

Anonymous said...

Maybe Kovak can do an APB on Monday: What happened to Trinity's state ranking after they went 0-1?


Anonymous said...

Are these really ADULTS posting

some of these comments? Often we

blame kids for the way they behave.

I wonder from whom they learn!

Anonymous said...

I highly doubt it that these are adult comments but according to another post, posted by a CM fan, their players don't have access to the blogs and are forbidden, by their coach, from even reading these. As I am sure that all teenagers refrain from doing anything illegal too. CM fans/players really need to understand that most of us are truly getting tired of all of the talk. I understand the hype but get real. Please...

prexie said...

hey where is wash high! just kidding i'm not that retarded.

Anonymous said...

C'mon really is clairton even as good as last year......i went to their scrimmage when they payed albert gallatin and they were by far not the same team they had last year......i don't think they can even get as far this year they need a miracle....period....good luck bears

Anonymous said...

who in A will beat the bears? what you saw was there 9th grade team playing AG.You must be scouting for the hounds or fort cherry.If there was a sun in the sky you were not watching the bears that play under the lights your post sounds as stupid as the punk who`s bashing trinity

Clairton Alum said...

To the anon poster asking about Clairton...the anon post at 9:47 was absolutely right. Like I mentioned in a previous thread, the AG coaches approached Clairton prior to the game and asked the bears not to hit their players. After the first series, AG pulled their starters and wouldnt put them back in. In response, Clairton put their 9th grade team on the field and still beat them. I do have to wonder what game you were watching though because clairton moved the ball, they intercepted passes left and right and really had no problem with AAA Albert Gallatin.

As far as "is Clairton even as good as they were last year" well lets see:

They return D-1 prospect and Pitt committ Kevin Weatherspoon who is the only single A player to crack the Fab 22 put out by the Post Gazette. He was the best wide receiver as a junior in the WPIAL and is an all star kick returner and D-back.

Next you have Desimond Green who is a 6-5 junior this season who exploded on the scene at D end last season and will be the QB for the bears. He is quick and throws a very good deep ball. The kid has been a QB since midgets. As a junior he is already a D-1 prospect on defense.

You also have one of the top running backs in single A in Deontae Howard who averaged something like 8.5 yards per carry last season and finished with almost 1300 yards rushing. The only thing keeping him from being a D-1 recruit is his size at this point.

As if thats not enough you have Eddie Ball returning to play middle linebacker who is one of the strongest most physical kids on the team. He was a standout FB last season as well as MLB.

Add to that Marquis Norris who is a big lineman (if he plays), Chanze James who is an up-and-comer and a few others and this team is far and away just as good if not better than last years group.

They only lost 5 kids from that team last season. Andrew Currington who didnt play after the Rochester game, Troy Webb who was pretty good but not on the level of Weatherspoon/Howard/Ball and a couple of defensive players...thats it. Believe me, there is a reason that every news agency and website associated with Highschool Football has this team as the #1 Class A team in the state. Yes, they are that good.

My early prediction is another tough fought battle with Rochester somewhere in the playoffs (maybe Heinz) and, if they get this far, a tough game with Farrell in the states. There is no one else that can trip this team up as long as they keep their heads about themselves.

Anonymous said...

and if you dont believe Clairton Alum here is another story you can read (at the bottom of this page) about just how good Clairton is looking this year.


Anonymous said...

Yea we all will see just how good clairton is come playoffs......just wait

Clairton Alum said...

Thats fine, we'll see. I'm not going to argue with anyone. The stats and returning starters speak for themselves. I'm really not sure why you are being so dismissive or have the "just wait" attitude that you do. I mean honestly unless you are a poster from Farrell or Rochester who do you belive is even going to give them a game? Monessen (the hype squad)? Serra? If you are able to, pick up a copy of todays McKeesport Daily News and read the high school football special edition. There are 3 or 4 articles about Clairton in it written by a journalist that doesnt really like Clairton and he couldnt find a negative thing to say, which is unusual.

And i mis-spoke earlier...Deontae Howard ran for 1700 yards last season, not 1300.

They also have three lineman who are 260 lbs and above as well as the WPIAL 100 Meter champion Sophmore Trenton Coles.

Ok, ok im done. I realize this is a wash co board and I also realize that we are only talking about a Class A team. But as far as Class A teams go...this is a good one.

And since I'm "just waiting", tell me where you are from or at least tell me who you believe is going to trip up the bears...

Anonymous said...

I believe that the Farrell Steelers are going 2 crush the bears come the PIAA playoffs' they barely beat them last year and they had a better team thus more experienced losing those seniors, that line was a huge loss for them, i just don't see them getting past Farrell sorry. But I do however see them getting past the WPIAL with no problem including heinz field. Im not saying Clairton is not a good team their a great team maybe even beyond that but Farrell is just as good maybe even better that's all im saying. And if you must kno I'm from Farrell (Go Figure).

Anonymous said...

farrel always has a good team as does the bears it still a long time off until the piaa by then both teams should be clicking at a speed for all district 7 people to travel and watch being all of our teams must take that long trip to play either PREP wilmington ect...lets just hope the its a great season for all no fighting no crying well you know what i mean its time for parents to watch and not coach

Anonymous said...

There are 3 or 4 articles about Clairton in it written by a journalist that doesnt really like Clairton and he couldnt find a negative thing to say, which is unusual.

Have you ever read a preseason article in which a team sounded bad?

Anonymous said...

"Yea we all will see just how good clairton is come playoffs......just wait"

didn't have to wait. Da Bears lost to Laurel tonight, 15-8.

Anonymous said...

OVER-RATED.......now what Clariton Alum???? Now what indeed.

Anonymous said...

No more state rankings Trinity,

0-1 baby.

I hope all you Hiller fans enjoyed your minutes of infamy!


Clairton Alum said...

read my post under the "week-1" thread. Quite frankly I am embarrassed. And not even with the fact that we lost...it happens. It was everything else. Im disgusted.

If you feel the need to talk trash please do so...I/we deserve it. What Clairton did tonight, their actions on the field, were indefensible.

Anonymous said...

And everyone on this site thought i just didnt like clairton, I think last night they showed their true colors they are very much over-rated they played the exact same way they did against albert gallatin in that scrimmage i knew it would only be a matter of time still i hope the bears can get it together we would like some competition.

Clairton Alum said...

I really just dont understand how a team can return their entire core that dominated everyone last year and then do what they did last night...I just dont get it.

Ive followed this team for a long time, I know Clairton's M.O., they do not handle adversity well...ever. One of two things is going to happen after this dibacle last night, they are either going to refocus and be that team they were last year or they are going to fall apart. If I had to guess I would say its going to be a long season. I just cant believe it.