Wednesday, September 2, 2009

APB, Where are they now?

With all the talk on this blog about teams being hyped in the preseason and not realizing full potential, the Varsity Letters got to thinking ... gosh, they are plenty of individual athletes who fit that description.

Let's start the search for one this week.

The Varsity Letters issues an All Points Bulletin for former Ringgold quarterback Lorenzo Gardner, who commandeered the Rams' offense earlier this decade.

On the football field, Gardner mixed speed, athleticism, shiftiness and a strong throwing arm. A two-year starter at quarterback for Ringgold and a long-time defensive back, Gardner drew some Division I interest. TVL recalls Syracuse being among those interested.

Garnder routinely made the spectacular play. He also often left those watching scratching their heads in wonder. For all his talent, the thing TVL remembers Gardner for the most was during Ringgold photo day his junior year. Gardner continually mean-mugged his way through photos and flashed an occasional sign or two. To this blogger, it came across as amusing. To the person taking the pictures, it was highly irritating.

Anyone with information regarding Gardner's whereabouts is urged to contact The Varsity Letters.


Anonymous said...

I believe he is living in Donora with his wife and kid Lorenzo Jr.

He was one heck of a basketball player too.

He was every bit as good of an athlete as Brian Miller.

Anonymous said...

Brian Davis or Keith Miller?
Who is Brian Miller?

mike_kovak said...

Thanks anon. He was a good high school athlete. Entertaining too.

Anonymous said...

He had some issues and served some time in prison, but is now out and living again in Donora, PA.