Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Ten to watch

Football dominates conversation on The Varsity Letters during the fall but, non-revenue sports often generate headlines for success and individual talent.

Here's 10 student-athletes (in alphabetical order) from non-revenue sports to keep an eye of during the 2009 fall sports season:

1. Kayla Keddal, Peters Township
Cross Country
As a junior, Keddal placed seventh at the WPIAL championships and sixth at states.

2. Trent McPherson, Peters Township
A freshman transfer from West Virginia, McPherson has been the Indians' top golfer in recent matches.

3. Emily Rohanna, Waynesburg
Rohanna replaces older sister Rachel on the Waynesburg boys team. Already has a couple of second-place finishes on her team.

4. Taylor Schram, Canon-McMillan
One of the top goal scorers in the country, Schram (pictured) committed to Penn State as a junior. Part of the U-17 national team pool.

5. Sarah Shashura, California
California doesn't field a girls tennis team. That didn't stop Shashura from winning a WPIAL Class AA title last year.

6. Shelli Spamer, Peters Township
Along with Schram, Spamer could go down as one of the great girls soccer players from Washington County. Also part of U-17 national talent pool.

7. Rachel Spridik, Bentworth
Only a sophomore, Spridik earned All-WPIAL honors last year. In her first match this year, she posted a triple-double.

8. Julie Stroyne, Peters Township
In her scholastic career, Stroyne (pictured) has won a PIAA team championship and was part of a state championship doubles team.

9. Nate Troscinski, Peters Township
Troscinski scored the Indians' goal in last year's state championship match. Already owns PIAA and WPIAL gold medals.

10. Matt Venanzi, Peters Township
As a freshman, Venanzi occasionally started but often provided an offensive spark off the bench. Could be a big-time goal scorer.


Mailman said...

Mike.. Sarah Shashura is not playing girls tennis this year. She'll be playing for the Cal Boys team.

Anonymous said...

It's nice to see Peters Township so well represented on this list. It's amazing how they have dominated at the WPIAL and PIAA level for the past 5 years.

Hopefully football is not far behind, they finally have a good head coach in place so hopefully championships will start to follow.

mike_kovak said...

Best of luck to her during the boys tennis season.

Anonymous said...

"they finally have a good head coach in place"

I agree great guy; however he has been here three years. Why is he "finally" a good head coach?

Anonymous said...

Shelli Spamer rocks

Anonymous said...

I meant that after 20 years of futility with the prior 2 HC's, this guy really appears to have PT pointed in the right direction. From all I've seen and heard he is a very stand up guy, he is not at all political and is all about the kids.

I would love to see Nick bring the program in the same direction that Goga has brought the hoops program. Not sure its possible, but its refreshing to see someone like him get the opportunity.

Anonymous said...

The comment about Milchovich at PT is right on point. No politics, just hard work and teaching young men the right way to do things. Hopefully, he will be given the time to do the job. Some jobs take longer than others to change a culture and he is doing an excellent job as an agent of change.