Saturday, August 30, 2008

Friday night lights, Week 1

© Canon-McMillan is loaded at the skill positions but the Varsity Letters came away impressed with the Big Macs defense. C-M did not allow the big play, eliminated any threat of a Trinity passing game and stuffed the run.

Similar efforts will mean a big-time season.

© OK, so who had Waynesburg over Washington in their winners' pool?

The Raiders' 20-6 win at Wash High Stadium was the surprise of Week 1 but the "upset" wasn't a fluke. Any time a team rushes for more than 300 yards, that's a dominating performance.

Here's a point to ponder: Waynesburg scored 42 points last year.

© Word before the season said the Tri-County South was in for a down year. Jefferson-Morgan won convincingly but Monessen, Carmichaels and Mapletown were shutout. California, Beth-Center and West Greene also lost.

© Chartiers-Houston and Fort Cherry can contend in the Black Hills Conference and Class A if C-H learns how to win the big game and the Rangers get strong play from the offensive line.

© Trinity's Ken Wilkins is a stud and Peters Township's Jack Hareza hits people hard.

© The Varsity Letters will not be surprised if Canon-Mac's Chad Hagan and Wilkins are the top two recruits in the WPIAL next year.


Jmat said...

Congrats to the CM football team i expect great things from the team this year.Keep It Goin!!

Anonymous said...

Mike any chance of a live chat on this website during the week to talk about high school football in the area?