Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Egg on my face -- correction

Looks like I jumped the gun in my criticism of Channel 11.

Got home from work and, after taking the dog out for his night time walk, caught the tail end of the late night news of Channel 11. John Fedko reported from Pine-Richland football camp.

I love to admit when I'm right but I've got to admit I was wrong on this one.

And, as I stated in my previous post, Channel 11 does a better job of covering WPIAL football than its competitors.


Byron Leftwich said...

Open Mouth, insert foot. Even though this situation blew up in your face, it was nice to see you take a stand against the liberal media.

coach99 said...

WTAE Operation Football does a better job of covering games and giving video with the games the big star...not showboating John Fedko. Yes, you have to give 'props' to Fedko for starting the Friday Night Highlights way back in the day, but they have not improved any. WTAE is tops with KD next on giving game data.
Best job of high school reportage ;)is from Don Rebel and his crew at MSA. Love his wrapups on Friday and Saturday morning show as well.