Thursday, August 21, 2008

Town of Champions recap

Before the fourth installment of the Varsity Letters' Town of Champions, let's recap the first three entries.

1. Washington
The High has produced state champs in football, baseball, boys basketball and girls track. The hometown of Brian Davis. More than 600 wins in football. A 56-game win streak in basketball. Countless WPIAL championships and individual titles in wrestling and track.

2. Monessen
The birthplace of Coolio is the home of former heavyweight champion Michael Moorer. Winners of WPIAL titles in football, boys and girls basketball. PIAA champs in boys and girls basketball.

3. Peters Township
Produced MLB and MLS players. Baseball teams has won two straight WPIAL titles and played in two state title games. Boys soccer won its third state title and has five WPIAL titles. Girls lacrosse has won two WPIAL titles. Produced several state tennis champs, including girls team. Hockey team won three state titles in four-year span.


Anonymous said...

coolio wasnt born in monesson

mike_kovak said...

Sorry anon, but the facts are the facts. Coolio was born in Monessen. Didn't spend much time there, but he was born there.

He's a verse from the track "I Remember" of his first album:

Well I remember yesteryear like it was yesterday
Runnin through the streets of Monessen p-a
I take you through my childhood step by step
Daddy always told me to maintain my rep though
Daddy was a dawg he ain't raise no punks
In the midst of the trees we learned how to thump
At the tender age of nine momma put us on a plane
Next stop -- the land of the insane
Compton california where the killers grow
Forced to live a life that I didn't know

mike_kovak said...

Here's another tidbit from, which is the website for the agent who books Coolio, among other acts:

Born: Pennsylvania Monessen
Aug 1, 1963

slick willie said...

That isn't Coolio rapping that verse in "I Remember" Mike so that doesn't really prove anything. But I do see where you're coming from.