Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Happy Birthday

The Varsity Letters wishes to extend birthday wishes to itself, as the main writer turns a healthy, happy 34 today. Going to celebrate by making my beautiful, pregnant wife drive me outside of Smithton to watch one of my favorite musicians. Plus, I've got the whole designated driver thing going for me, which is nice.

In the mood to listen to something other than all the stale hip-hop saturating the airwaves, check out:

In Varsity Letters news, the blog kicks into high gear Thursday. We'll be updating with the fourth installment of Town of Champions. So far, we've looked at Washington, Monessen and Peters Township. Also expect another All Points Bulletin.

I've been to football camps at Burgettstown, Fort Cherry, Trinity, Ringgold, South Fayette and Peters Township. I'll be offering some preseason analysis not available anywhere else.


stork said...

Mike I'm shocked that you are 34! You look like a man of no more than 30. Congrats on planting the new seed with your wife. Perhaps you'll be covering his/her high school career in the future.

Anonymous said...

Wishing happy birthday to yourself. How weak is that?