Monday, September 1, 2008

APB, Where are they now?

The Varsity Letters believes, with all the Canonsburg readers, this week's All Points Bulletin will be answered.

We're looking for former Canon-McMillan record-setting running back Jarred Freeman. In the 2001 season, Freeman rushed for a school-record 276 yards against McGuffey, while averaging a school-record 18.4 yards per carry and rushing for a school record four touchdowns.

Freeman was the feature back in former coach Dan Pallante's wing-T offense. The Varsity Letters has not heard Freeman's name since his senior year.

Anyone knowing Freeman's whereabouts is urged to contact the Varsity Letters.


Anonymous said...

jared reportedly has been going by his middle name marcus now(after a few run-ins with the law). He has since cleaned up his act and after sitting out several seasons is playing linebacker at Ohio State in his senior season. Wow.

merril said...

Is the son of Michael and Chong Freeman ... his mother and father met in Korea when the latter was in the Air Force ... has an older brother, Mike Jr. ... earned his bachelor’s degree in December, 2007.

Ya that sounds like him. Freeman played college ball at Thiel for a little while, havent heard much since then.

merril said...

... that bio was for marcus freeman of tOSU... obviously not jared freeman.

Anonymous said...

ayyo this bum's hiding out in dormont. 3340 eastmont ave to be exact and about to drop some silly ass cd with his brother and shit......and he sucks at madden

LP said...

Thank you Mike Kovak for giving us something clown Jarred Free About. This is One of the ALL TIME classics.

Anonymous said...

Here's the true answer: Jarred Ryan Freeman went to Thiel College and played football his freshman year. He graduated in 2006 with a bachelor's degree in Business Administration; works in the banking industry;lives in Dormont.