Thursday, September 11, 2008

Games of the Week, Week 3

A solid, bordering on very nice, schedule has the Varsity Letters anxious for the third Friday night of the high school football season.

1. South Fayette at Keystone Oaks (4 1/2 stars)
The Varsity Letters was more than a little surprised when South Fayette lost last week to a struggling Quaker Valley. In order to pull above the .500 mark in the Class AA Century Conference, the Lions must travel to Dormont Stadium and face a very strong and undefeated Keystone Oaks. The Varsity Letters believes the winner of this game wins the conference title.

2. Fort Cherry at Bentworth (4 stars)
Fort Cherry wants to be 3-0 heading into next Friday's stadium dedication. Bentworth also wants to be 3-0. On paper, the edge goes to the Rangers. Games aren't won on paper.

3. Thomas Jefferson at Trinity (3.5 stars)
The Varsity Letters is convinced the time will come when a Washington County team other than Peters Township proves ready to challenge Thomas Jefferson. Trinity looked like that team last year but ended up losing to the Jaguars by 21. The Hillers aren't as talented this year, but they look a little more physical. The only way to beat TJ is to be able to withstand their knockout punches.

Bonus games
East Allegheny at McGuffey (3.5 stars)
McGuffey can make a major statement with a win. The Varsity Letters is impressed with the Highlanders toughness.

Woodland Hills at Canon-McMillan (3 stars)

The thing the Varsity Letters does not like about Quad-A football is it takes a month to get to the games that count. This one doesn't count in the conference standings, but the Big Macs need a better offensive showing than they had last week.


Anonymous said...

Did Peters Township ever beat TJ?
I can't remember PT ever beating TJ - even when PT was pretty good, (back in '03-'04).
I'm not sure what VL meant.
Good Luck Hillers.

mike_kovak said...
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mike_kovak said...

No, Peters Township has not defeated TJ in recent years but, two years ago, lost in the final minutes after leading the entire game.

The point I'm getting at is TJ has dominated Wash County so much, that just being competitive would be something noteworthy.

Anonymous said...

Mike who do you like the in Woodland Hills-Canon-Mac game? I am leaning towards woody high, but this one should be interesting. Of note, how many times do teams with the same helmet designs square off?

mike_kovak said...

Well, I picked Woody High in Thursday's paper, so I'm sticking with the selection.

It should be a close game.

As for the helmets, it happens from time to time in the WPIAL since they are very few creative team nicknames. I can remember Ringgold and Pine-Richland (both are the Rams) as one instance.

Anonymous said...

somebody got stuffed with that pick 10-0! :)

Anonymous said...

hah fo sho. mike the game was most definately not close with its outcome (: and justin baker the touchdown maker made that final touchdown ! why not mention this? justin is my brooo.

Anonymous said...

Hope your Bro spells better than you.

Anonymous said...

i'm sure that you care soo much about spelling.
i hope your mom has a prettier face than you (:

Anonymous said...

just so you know, by bro i meant justin is my bud he's not really my brother. and im sure he can spell even if you say i cant.

howep yewer bro speyulls beytar than yeww!

^mmh. That is what i would call not spelling correctly. fo shoo, and brooo. ppl say that.

Anonymous said...

doent anybody care about chartiers? burgettstown vs C-H. I dont know about any body else but a 3-0 team like chartiers should be recongnized.. Brad Banas as quarterback will burgess and ryan scott at tail, joey josack at fullback and so many other players...podrasky, davis, leicty, hairston, packey,kisla and minney.. C-H is a very outstanding team.. Scouters reporters and cameras should be all focused on chartiers right now

mike_kovak said...

C-H is No. 3 in the latest O-R Class A rankings.

Anonymous said...

why would any scout or reporter focus on class A football?

Anonymous said...

well basically because C-H is no3 in class A' above serra. now im not sayin this for nuthing but who won wpials al heinz last year. .. UM SERRA and C-H Is ranked highr than the same team that went to wpials. and 1 below clairton so you cant diss on C-H because you know there dominate this year. Defence is so nice .. will burgess,thomas hairston, ryan scott, zack podrasy, and banas.. Bring your team out to C-H and watch em get stepped on

Dan said...

my team is the pittsburgh steelers. will they get stepped on by your offensive line that avg's 5'11 205?

Anonymous said...