Sunday, September 14, 2008

O-R football rankings

Lots of movement in Class A after North Catholic and Monaca lost.

2008 WPIAL football rankings
Class AAAA
Team Record
1. Gateway 3-0
2. Central Catholic 2-1
3. Bethel Park 3-0
4. McKeesport 2-1
5. Upper St. Clair 3-0
Class AAA
Team Record
1. Thomas Jefferson 2-1
2. Blackhawk 3-0
3. Highlands 3-0
4. West Allegheny 3-0
5. Hopewell 3-0
Class AA
Team Record
1. Jeannette 3-0
2. Beaver Falls 3-0
3. Keystone Oaks 3-0
4. Greensburg C.C. 3-0
5. Aliquippa 2-1
Class A
Team Record
1. Rochester 3-0
2. Clairton 3-0
3. Chartiers-Houston 3-0
4. Fort Cherry 3-0
5. Serra Catholic 2-1


Anonymous said...

If Char Houston played Canon Mac in football here is how the result would look:

Char-Houston: 34

Canon-Mac: 7

Anonymous said...

Mike, is your poll for current wpial programs or overall. All the teams with over 600 wins are not mentioned. it seems to me that this paper favors these 1 hit wonders. the canon macs, trinty's need to show years of consistency before annointing them the second coming. they won one playoff game and you would have thought they won an nba championship or super bowl.

mike_kovak said...

Not sure what you mean, anon?

The poll along the right of the page asks readers to vote on what he/she believes is currently the best program in the WPIAL. As always, it can be subjective, but I feel it comprises a list of the better teams the past decade.

This paper does not favor any team. We do cover playoff games involving teams from Washington and Greene counties. We also do stories on college-bound players. In recent years, the teams with the most successes have been Trinity, Beth-Center, Jefferson-Morgan and Canon-McMillan in football.

We also respect the past. It's what makes this area great.

mike_kovak said...

If you are talking about the weekly rankings, that is for the 2008 WPIAL football season.

mike_kovak said...

And calling Pittsburgh Central, TJ, Aliquippa and Rochester one-hit wonders would not be correct.

Anonymous said...

anon just got worked. good work mike

tim mouse-tits said...
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Anonymous said...

your poll question says which is the wpial's best. It does not say currently, weekly,decade or all time. make it clear.

merril said...

if you don't like mike's blog/poll, make your own.

Anonymous said...

listen mike whats your thoughts about C-H..But first.. if c-h played c-m the score would be 56-7. dude's thinkin small. but any ways whats really your thoughts on this team.

brian said...

CM 56
CH 7

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

hey mike what do you think about that will burgess kid #32 hes a tough kid. so is his brother #19. from C-H

mike_kovak said...

Well, my thought are is C-M and C-H played ... let's just say it wouldn't be close.

As for C-H, I'm curious to see what happens after the fifth week. I predict the Bucs will be 5-0. That's when the schedule stiffens.

at Serra
at Fort Cherry

That's a brutal four-game stretch.

But, so far, pretty good.

Anonymous said...

if C-H played Canon-Mac, C-H would have to forfeit the rest of their games because half of their team (which would be only like 10 people)would be in a hospital.

Anonymous said...

Alright, if C-H played CM in football, Canon Mac would KILL C-H. C-H wouldn't even score a single touchdown unless CM put in their 4th string defense!! Did you see what CM's defense did to Woodland Hills?! They shut them out! Anyways, all i'm saying is, if C-H played CM, it wouldn't even be a game. I'm not in any way, shape, or form bashing C-H. I think they are very good for single-A but you just can't compare a single A team to and quad-A team.

mike_kovak said...

Exactly. Both are good teams but there is a massive difference in enrollment.