Monday, September 1, 2008

O-R football rankings

Here's the first installment of the Observer-Reporter's 2008 WPIAL fooball rankings:

Class AAAA
Team Record
1. Gateway 1-0
2. Woodland Hills 0-1
3. Central Catholic 0-1
4. Penn Hills 0-1
5. Bethel Park 1-0
Class AAA
Team Record
1. Thomas Jefferson 0-1
2. Montour 1-0
3. Blackhawk 1-0
4. Franklin Regional 1-0
5. West Allegheny 1-0
Class AA
Team Record
1. Jeannette 1-0
2. Beaver Falls 1-0
3. Aliquippa 1-0
4. Keystone Oaks 1-0
5. Greensburg C.C. 1-0
Class A
Team Record
1. Rochester 1-0
2. Clairton 1-0
3. North Catholic 1-0
4. Monaca 1-0
5. Monessen 0-1


T Totten said...

Mike forget about Central Catholic. After their game against Lakeland they now have more injured starters than healthy ones. The QB is amongst those out for the year. Canon-Mac should beat CC by AT LEAST 3 touchdowns. It would be interesting to see what the game would be like if CC were healthy, but it appears that CM will, for the 2nd straight week, go unchallenged by playing an inferior opponent.

Anonymous said...

I don't think a C.M. fan would agree with t totten. From what I heard that the Lakeland team looked like a college team and not many teams in the country could play with them. Central has a winning tradition [not to be taken lightly]. I think C.M. will be optimistic. The players and coaches are smart enough to know the game is won on the field!

Obama said...

I think CM is the favorite in the game versus PCC. It's not about what CM has, but more about what PCC doesn't have. Sunseri is gone, taglianetti is gone, this years QB is out, the top 2 RB are not on the team, and much much more. Totten is known as being a great strategist and motivator, so maybe PCC has a shot. The pressure is all on the Big Macs but coach montecalvo will have his boys ready. The key will be how well Roach plays at QB for CM because you can be sure PCC will try to take away the run and force the inexperienced (1 career start) Roach to make plays in the passing game.

Early prediction: Canon-mac 27-- PCC 14

McCain said...

Dont forget about CC losing Quentin Williams.

mike_kovak said...

Personally, I don't think it is wise calling the defending undefeated state champions inferior.

In the words of Dusty Rhodes, "That's shameful daddy."

That said, this Saturday presents C-M with an opportunity to prove it finally belongs with the big boys of the WPIAL. A win, no matter how injury-depleted PCC may be, will help build respect for a team looking to prove something.

brian said...

I agree 100% with you Mike.

Anonymous said...

I agree!

Anonymous said...

chartiers is going to be a tough also dominate team. 17 returning starters and a couple co starters.. will burgess 32 is crackin people and thomas hairston is on basically every sack this year. They Need To get thier mind right for serra , and fort cherry . But if they put 100 percent effort they could see a future at heinz field this year