Thursday, February 23, 2012

Twitter Thursday

It's a short week ... but on to the Tweets.

Amanda Balzer, @mandabalz
Feb. 23
"Everyone tune into KDKA tonight at 6:40 to watch my sister earn her extra effort award "

Chris Dugan, @CDuganOR
Feb. 22
"On way to basketball game, passed the North Huntingdon McDonald's. "

Ashley Hull, @A_Hull12
Feb. 21
"Is it sad that I would totally put my daughter into pageants like toddlers and tiaras? "

Jeremy Merich, @JEMmerich007
Feb. 22
"Do something today that your future self will thank you for "

Brent Williams, @Bweezy_13
Feb. 20
"I would do anything to play for the Pittsburgh Pirates "

Hiller Hooligans, @HillerHooligans
Feb. 23
"I thought McGuffey was illiterate....then Beaver started tweeting us"

Jordan Drew, @JayyDrew_33
Feb. 23
"Let it be clear wherever LeBron goes that's the team I like. "

Doug Wilson, @Dougie_Fresh055
Feb. 23
"Still shocked that CV lost. Tim McConnell was probably so pissed that he made his players carry the bus home instead of riding it"

Joe Hough, @avellaeagle
Feb. 21
"New sec 3 class A....clairton, monesson, geible, mapletown, carmichales, avella # lotsoftravel!"

Casey Guernsey, @caseguerns
Feb. 22
"Um, I'm pretty sure I could keep up with these contestants on jeopardy "

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