Thursday, February 2, 2012

Twitter Thursday

From signing day to Tim Garry resigning as head football coach at Fort Cherry to the Peters Township boys basketball team likely putting an end to Upper St. Clair's run of 10 consecutive playoffs appearances to more overtime games involving Trinity in Section 5-AAA, it was one bust week.

I'm tired, but you can still follow me on Twitter @TheMikeKovak.

Jason Cass, @WhoisJasonCass
Jan. 27
"I wish there was some kind of exit interview before someone could unfollow you. Just to ask them about their experience with me..."

Alfon Cook, @cooksisland3
Feb. 2
"Report cards today another #4.0"
Tanner Garry, @TannerGarry3
Feb. 1
"Cant believe my dad won't be coaching next year. #letthecriticsbejoyful"

Corey Garry, @coreygarry
Feb. 1
"#FC reportedly has 3 kids attending lifting today the day of Garry's resignation.
 #GoodLuckNewGuy #haha"

Ryan Babirad, @Ryanbabs4
Feb. 1
"@RMUHockey  I plan on trying to join the team next year! I hope I can make it. I always wanted to play hockey #hopeful"

Mike Bittel, @bittel8
Jan. 31
"Sickest dunk I've ever seen #Clippers #griffin"

Chris Niemiec, @niems23
Jan. 27
"Huge win on the road for the rockets 61-52 over carmichaels, #monkeyoffourback"

Taylor Pasquariello, @TP3rello
Jan. 31
"Trinity tonight. #herewegoagain"
(Trinity won in double OT)

Stephen McCaw, @BucktownHero
Jan. 31
"You know your school is grubby when kids almost fist fight over who the better NASCAR driver is.."

Matt Venanzi, @Matt34Venanzi
Feb. 1
"4 mile celebration run? #soundsgood"
(Venanzi signed with Pitt soccer earlier in the day?

Andrew Erenberg, @andrew_erenberg
Feb. 1
"Officially a Fordham Ram."

Casey Guernsey, @caseguerns
Feb. 2
"When someone doesn't say their favorite movie is mean girls, I assume that whatever movie they said is their second favorite to mean girls"

Co-Tweets of the Week
Graham Lescallette, @BigSauce_85
Jan. 30
"I hate that I'm a guy and yet I'm still obligated to follow @BigButtProblems #Ihaveaghettobooty"

Corey Garry, @coreygarry
Jan. 29
"So privileged I'm a low tier athlete so my tweets won't get me in trouble with the big college coaches :)"

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