Thursday, February 9, 2012

Twitter Thursday

Will Moore, @heelwjm17Feb. 8
"Paul Alexander and @angeloarmenti talking...what a great conversation this must be."

EJ Borghetti, @PittBorghetti
Feb. 4
"With 8 Pitt Panthers in Pro HOF, there is now officially a "Cardiac Hill" wing in Canton. #HailtoPitt"

Ryan Babirad, @ryanbabs4
Feb. 4
"A mom just yelled at a wrestler for messing up his hair???"

Tom Nettles, @Tom Nettles
Feb. 3
"Dang another beautiful out Florida kids I'm practicing everyday now too"

Xavier Severns, @daboihollowman
Feb. 7
"Could really go for a big carmel frappe"

Chivar Brown, @trackstarvar22
Feb. 9
"Came to conclusion the 100 is impossible to break because, it's measured in yards instead of meters @DSpinks23 @browthekid"

Michael LaRocka, @MikeLaRocka
Feb. 3
"Shout out to my brother for hitting the game winning shot and dropping 16. #burnthefortlater"

Jordan Drew, @jayydrew_33
Feb. 9
"Really close to picking up a book and reading. I hate being bored"

David Williams, @dwilliams_5
Feb. 8
"Austin Rivers is too clutch!!!!! He is #NBAREADY"

Doug Wilson, @dougie_fresh055
Feb. 5
"Skip Bayless still thinks Tim Tebow is better than both Mannings"

Nick Riotto, @NRiotto
Feb. 5
"Anyone who thinks one game on a Sunday In February is better than a 7-game series in late October is out of their mind"

Tweet of the Week
Ryan Dupain, @RyanDupain
Feb. 5
"I've done it, Brady can. #SSBeaver #85yardsin1minute #hsfootballmemories"

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