Monday, September 26, 2011

Week 4 thoughts

The wait is finally over.

Washington notched a signature win.

It came Friday night at Wash High Stadium as the Prexies rushed for 258 yards during a 33-14 win over south Fayette that was nothing short of impressive.

Earlier in the week, South Fayette coach Joe Rossi said that no team in the Century Conference – not even high-powered Seton-La Salle – boasted a backfield with the talent of Washington's. And South Fayette sure saw a lot of Jaylin Kelly, Shai McKenzie and Joe Phillips.

Kelly rushed for 103 yards; McKenzie scored three touchdowns; and, Phillips help wear down the defense. Washington was far from one-dimensional as Josh Wise threw a pair of touchdowns, one to talented receiver Ethan Gordon, who sometimes gets lost in the Prexies' run-oriented attack.

Maybe the most impressive fact of the win – the Prexies trailed 7-0. Granted, that's not a significant deficit, but they've clearly played their best playing with a lead in the past.

I'm calling it Washington's best win since the 14th-seeded Prexies shutout Aliquippa, 7-0, in the first round of the WPIAL Class AA playoffs in 2005. That win, coincidentally, remains the High's only postseason win since winning the PIAA Class AA championship in 2001.

* Ringgold senior Mike Beveridge is an absolute menace as a defensive end, and his disrupting presence plays a significant factor in the Rams' fun-to-watch 42-41 win at Greensburg-Salem.

Beveridge might be this area's most disruptive defensive lineman since some fella named Dan Mozes helped Washington win that state title.

* If I'm a local Division II football coach, I'm recruiting Ringgold's Quad Law. Like right now.

* Former Fort Cherry standout Mike Vernillo held the WPIAL career rushing record for 12 years before Hopewell's Rushel Shell broke it Friday night.

Shell, who regularly faces some of the toughest teams around, has an opportunity to put the record where it may not be touched for decades.

* Mapletown snapped a 15-game win streak with a 22-12 win over West Greene. It's always a little easier coming to practice after a win, and it's a nice reward for all the players who have hung around throughout the streak.

* I always thought the one thing that hurt Beth-Center during the postseason was the lack of a playmaker with the speed to hang with players on elite teams. Say 'Hello' to Cody Durant.

Durant is averaging around 15 yards per carry ans scored four times against Carmichaels.

Durant and the Bulldogs face a tough test this week against neighboring rival California. The Trojans' held a double-digit lead at Monessen, but lost 20-13.

* I'm guessing that Tanner Garry's 99-yard touchdown pass to Koltan Kobrys is not only a school record, but a WPIAL and PIAA record as well. Heck, add the National Federation of High Schools to that list as well.


R. Keith Taylor said...

Mike Beveridge is one heck on an athlete. He is strong, but agile. This is why he blows people off the ball and then is able to run down quarterbacks. He was throwing around around a good player in that TE Funk from Greensburg-Salem. Funk, however, made some great plays receiving.

Quad Law is the heart and soul of Ringgold's team. He just wont allow his teammates to give up. He is a workout warrior, exceptional player, but humble nonetheless. He will not be playing D-2 football, however. He has been receiving interest from MAC schools as well as a few 1-AA teams.

prexie said...

I told you washington can play with anyone in the conference. the most impressive part about the game that you left out was the defense. they held south fayette to minus yrds rushing and played the passing game well. and like you said they were more than one dimensional. they have to continue to show a threat passing the ball. alot of their tds this year actually have come by the pass.teams have to respect the speed of the recievers.

Anonymous said...

Heck yeah it's a record! A 99 yard pass cannot be topped; it can only be tied (except in Canada).

Anonymous said...

I was under the assumption that #44 from Wash High was a superb Division 1 athlete. He takes to many plays off. They will be all over him at the next level.

Anonymous said...

How bout mentioning the line that help wear down South Fayette. A back that had 4 carries does alot of wearing but a line that blocks for 60 plays does more. Come on Mike, and we wonder why the state of high school football is all primadonas!

Anonymous said...

Quad Law is 5'6 135 lbs....He would be very lucky to play D-2..Get real!

Anonymous said...

The DE for Greensburg Salem is named Waylon Fink

mike_kovak said...

@R. Keith ... It would be great to see Law get an opportunity to play D1. He's a warrior, not to mention a gifted athlete. Great combination.

But, if I'm Cal U or IUP or Slippery Rock, I'm at every Ringgold game and I'm talking to him after. That's what I meant. Still some great football at that level.

R. Keith Taylor said...

As an alumnus of California, I would be more than ecstatic to see him at California. Or he can come join me at Indiana too--if he wants to! The PSAC plays a high level of football in the likes of Bloomsburg and Cal, and he could be an asset to those teams, because he is a play maker in the open field. I think people need to understand (and I think you already do Mike) that Quad is an even better WR and DB than he is a quarterback. He is just filling a need, because there isn't another person on the roster aside from his (injured) brother, Nico, to throw the ball.

In other Ringgold news, I am excited to see Fred Johnson take the field this week. Granted Ringgold is playing Albert Gallatin, he will be a big boost to the secondary as well as backfield/receiving corps. If he played last week, I don't think Ringgold is giving up 41 points.

(I also apologize for the misspelling of Waylon Fink's last name.)

mike_kovak said...

@anon 9/27/11 1:40 p.m. ... Not sure about Law's height but I believe he weighs around 170 thanks to all his hard work in the weight room. While I believe all athletes are lucky to get a chance to play at the collegiate level, Law certainly has a lot of skills to offer college coaches.

@R. Keith ... No doubt his college future is at another position. I can totally see him going somewhere and immediately contributing as a kick returner/punt returner because of his fearlessness along with speed and shiftiness. Also, I think he'd be pretty good in the backfield, particularly as a pass-catching option.