Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A few friendly tips

* Please keep your comments as constructive as possible. When mentioning a particular high school player, do not make derogatory opinions or call out an individual. If you do, your comment will not be posted.

* Remember, there is no agenda on The Varsity Letters. To make such an accusation would mean that the contributors to this blog are impacted in their daily, private lives by the outcomes of high school sporting events.

That is simply not true.

* As a moderator, I'm not here to help anyone win an argument. I may offer an opinion. If it does not jive with yours, it is not agenda or an attempt to make a poster lose an argument.

* Please consider this is a free site. As the main contributor, that makes me the person who decides what to write about.
Also, certain criteria must be met to have a comment published. Again, this is a non-subscription site. If you want to publicly rip individual high school athletes, please find another non-subscription site where you may post anonymously that allows such activity.

* If you had a comment deleted, maybe it's time to move on to another topic. Repeated attempts will not be successful.

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