Thursday, September 22, 2011

Twitter Thursday

Follow me on Twitter @TheMike Kovak. If you're a local athlete or coach and actually tweet, I'll follow back. Still wondering when a football player will tweet during halftime.

On to this week's tweets.

Ed Dalton, Trinity football coach
Sept. 16
"If u hate losing u have a chance to get better, we hate losing we will get better, write that down"

John Laschinsky, Trinity football/frequent tweeter
Sept. 21
"@Taylored_JET30 you're Mt. Miyagi and Im the karate kid. We grind hard together #swagthroughtheroof"

Quad Law, Ringgold football /track
Sept. 21
"Can't stop thinkin about dis Friday! #ProvinAPoint"

Josh Wise, Wash High football/basketball/track
Sept. 19
"when adversity hits you have to hit harder! #warrior"

Brandon McGavitt, Trinity football
Sept. 22
"Life style switchin"


Anonymous said...

Sorry, but posting those tweets is pretty stupid. It is not like they are intelligent or anything. Just what is your purpose other than filling in a day you don't have to do anything :)

mike_kovak said...

Yes, that's it. ... If you don't like it, I suggest skipping the entry. Twitter Thursday is here to stay.