Monday, August 23, 2010

Practice opens for Oregon team

McMINNVILLE, Ore. (AP) — The McMinnville High School Grizzlies opened fall football practice on Monday while two of their teammates remained hospitalized and doctors tried to determine why 24 players developed a condition that caused intense pain and dangerous swelling in their arms.
Authorities say 11 players were treated in the emergency room last week, 13 were admitted and three required surgery to relieve pressure caused by the swelling.
Authorities still do not know what caused the condition, called compartment syndrome, which is marked by high enzyme levels in the blood and can be caused by certain drugs or by strenuous exercise, dehydration or a combination of factors.
The athletes were taking part in an immersion camp organized by new coach Jeff Kearin to get ready for the season. Some were present for an intense training session on Aug. 15, the night before camp opened.
Devin Draper, a sophomore left guard, did not come down with any symptoms, but said Monday that teammates were as perplexed as anyone by the rash of players who succumbed.
“I just want to know what happened,” Draper said. He was one of just about 19 players who were able to report to fall practice when it opened Monday at the school’s campus, about 40 miles south of Portland. The team has about 45 players in all.


Anonymous said...

If this was one or two kids you might be able to pass this off as just a strenuous work out. You cant tell me that these kids got worked harder than any high school, college, or pro program in the country on this particular day and they all just happened to come down with this somewhat rare condition all at once. They had increased creatin levels in their blood. Now, they all denied using something but come is a freak accident, two is a coincidence...12-20 players on the same day on the same team is something far different. I would bet my house that they were all using some type of substance. This doesnt just happen...

Anonymous said...

My thought exactly, they all were taking some type of performance enhancing drug.