Tuesday, August 31, 2010

APB, Where are they Now?

With all the talk of young, unproven talent sure to excel at the varsity level, The Varsity Letters felt the time was appropriate to issue an All Points Bulletin for a player who entered high school athletics with unfair expectations.

Several years ago at Trinity's Hiller Stadium, I was covering a football game when two people pointed out one player on the field for the pre-game introductions of the school's youth football teams.

Both people inside the press box told me the same thing.

"That kid there is going to be the next Brian Davis."

Those are words spoken in Washington every time the next youth league great prepares to hit ninth grade. The comparison is never fair and never will be.

Let's get this straight.

There's only one Brian Davis, a high school athlete so talented people miles outside of Washington descended on the town just to watch the guy play football and basketball.

Anderson Hutchinson was the player being compared during this instance. Hutchinson tore up the local youth league and many expected him to do the same when he joined Trinity's varsity football team.

Though Hutchinson was a key contributor for Trinity, that day never came.

It wasn't Hutchinson's fault people wanted to label him as the next Brian Davis. Not like he asked for the moniker. During Hutchinson's final two years of varsity play, Ben Jennings was the primary runner.

Hutchinson started at cornerback for the Hillers and helped them upset Penn Hills in the WPIAL Class AAAA playoffs before nearly beating Mt. Lebanon in the next round. Hutchinson was also a successful sprinter on the track team.

Someone mentioned Hutchinson was training for a career in mixed martial arts.

If anyone can confirm Hutchinson's whereabouts, please contact The Varsity Letters.

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THSfan said...

Brian Davis was and is still the best player I've ever seen. His personality and humility put him far above the rest. He was legendary back in a time before 24hr media and press coverage of today's players. He didn't care about personal records and stats. His numbers might not be the greatest in WPIAL or PIAA history, but when his team was winning 42-0 by halftime, how could you justify keeping him in the game!?