Tuesday, August 24, 2010

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Just came across an extensive list of the top football players in the WPIAL for the upcoming season. I must say, it's rather thorough and had to take considerable time to put together.

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Dylan Bongiorni's transfer from Burgettstown to West Allegheny incited some anger from readers on this blog, including several who believed he would fail to make an impact for the defending WPIAL Class AAA champs.

According to the Post-Gazette's Mike White, Bongiorni's first scrimmage as West Allegheny's quarterback went well.



Anonymous said...

Mike, Im sorry. I dont mean to put down the Bongiorni kid but I saw him play a couple of games last year and he was a below average single A QB AT BEST. Did he complete a pass for positive yardage against Clairton? I mean I understand that he's surrounded by a better supporting cast at West A but he just isnt a difference maker...especially for a defending AAA Champion.

mike_kovak said...

I guess we'll find out. His sophomore season certainly didn't live up to his freshman production.

I did not see Burgettstown play Clairton.

Anonymous said...

Kovak you don't watch small town athletics. If it catches your eye, you may stop by. By the way, B-town suffers a loss but, glad to see the dad go. The team seems happier not to worry referring to his dad, you try to play in his your son's shoes once again.

Anonymous said...

I wish Dylan Bongiorni the best. He's surrounded by lots of athletes. Its a great program but too bad they have to recruit. Burgettstown turned the page and started a new chapter. They will have a pretty strong program for some years I believe. Did anyone see the unbelievabe comeback this past Fri at home against South Side Beaver. The new qb General Ryan Dupain with the help of good line play and clutch catches by his recievers, guided the team 85 yds in 50 secs with no timeouts for the winning TD pass to Mike Larocka. If you left early, shame on you for missing one of the greatest high school comebacks in history. Joe Montana and John Elway would have been proud. How bout more shotgun spread coach? It fits your qb and the team best. Let er fly. Have fun.