Friday, January 29, 2010

Local basketball rankings

1. Washington (AA) 11-4
2. Monessen (AA) 11-3
3. South Fayette (AA) 12-2
4. Peters Township (AAAA) 10-6
5. Trinity (AAA) 10-3

1. Peters Township (AAAA) 9-9
2. Monessen (A) 12-1
3. Fort Cherry (A) 13-3
4. South Fayette (AA) 11-5
5. Beth-Center (AA) 13-3


Anonymous said...

Good times in Monessen last night...good times...

Anonymous said...

Where is the paper's retraction about accusing the Wash High and Monesson Girls Basketball teams for starting the fight.

mike_kovak said...

Anon 12:48 p.m.

Earlier today I wrote, "Monessen school administrators have confirmed that its girls basketball players were not involved."

Anonymous said...

It was not any current basketball players involved in the fight, Girls nor boys. It was a former Monessen girls basketball player and Washington girls.