Friday, January 22, 2010

Local basketball rankings

Let's see … South Fayette beats Wash High (minus Troy Wilson) by 35 in late December. Washington beats Monessen by 16 in early January. Finally, on Wednesday night, Monessen beats South Fayette by 13.

What's to make of it all? Well, all three look primed to make significant postseason runs.

Boys rankings
1. South Fayette 10-1
2. Trinity 9-2
3. Peters Township 9-5
4. Washington 9-4
5. Monessen 8-3

Girls rankings
1. South Fayette 10-2
2. Peters Township 7-8
3. Beth-Center 10-2
4. Monessen 9-1
5. Fort Cherry 10-3


Anonymous said...

Monessen is going to beat Washington by 20 on Friday

Anonymous said...

Put your money where u mouth is !!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

by 20 please try 16 the line is already out ...over under 76

Anonymous said...

I have to agree Monessen gonna blow them out and I believe consideration for that number 1 spot should also surface

Anonymous said...

We certainly hope Stepoli has his attitude adjustment on. Hope he takes his fits early, cause we are hoping for Wash High. And Wash High will you hide the balls from Monesson like you did to B-Town and dont forget, your swearing to the cheerleaders, Now both teams diserve to loose.